“I Remember Screaming for Help as a Car Drove By”

In August 2013, 16-year-old Bailey Mcgroarty and three other teens overturned a Jeep in the town of Boston in western New York. Robert Nicholas stopped to help and applied a tourniquet to stop Bailey from bleeding to death. Mr. Nicholas said, “I’ve seen Shark Week [on the Discovery Channel]. I just got done watching; they showed how to do a tourniquet. That’s where I learned. Quickly.” Bailey suffered arterial bleeding from a severe arm laceration. He said, “I remember screaming for help as a car drove by.” Mr. Nicholson stopped. He said, “When I saw him, I thought, There’s no way I’m pulling away.” Bailey, who had a broken wrist and a broken elbow, was airlifted to Erie County Medical Center. Mr. Nicholas credited Bailey’s friends for saving Bailey’s life because 17-year-old Ryan Courteau initially applied a tourniquet. Mr. Nicholas said, “That other boy. He’s the one. He never left him.” Doctors replaced Bailey’s artery with a vein.

For More Information: David Boroff, “Good Samaritan uses ‘Shark Week’ skills to stop teen from bleeding to death after jeep overturns.” New York Daily News. 12 August 2013


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