Lady Bunny: Like a Dog from Heaven

In June 2014 in Juneau, Alaska, a seven-month-old Maltese puppy named Lady Bunny brought to her owners, Bonnie and Brad Gruening, a lost wallet. The wallet belonged to Rudy Vonda, a sanitation worker with Pacific Waste Management. The Gruenings called Mr. Vonda, who said, “I didn’t even know my wallet was missing. I checked my back pocket to make sure. When the lady said a dog brought my wallet home, I figured it was a Labrador or German Shepherd.” When he stopped by the Gruenings’ home to collect his wallet, he saw a small white dog that he said was not much larger than his wallet: “When I pulled up to [Bonnie Gruening’s] place, she’s coming out and she’s got her little dog in her arms and my wallet.” Bonnie Gruening said, “It was really neat because we were able to get it back to the owner. Then to find out he’s our sanitation guy, which is so awesome — they work so hard and do such a good job.” Mr. Vonda said about the return of his wallet and its finder, “That was a real surprise. It was like a dog from heaven.”

Source: Associated Press, “Small Dog, Great Deed: Maltese Finds Lost Wallet.” (Lexington, Kentucky). 21 June 2014; updated 31 March 2015

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