“I Think It was Just Something Random, and It Didn’t Make a Difference Who It Was. They Just Wanted to Inflict Pain on Someone”

On 16 September 2015, gunfire broke out in South Los Angeles. De Je Brewer, age 14, was in the back seat of a Ford Explorer. She was shot twice, but she protected the life of her 10-month-old nephew. She said, “I didn’t know what to do, and then I felt something hit my arm. I touched it and it was blood. So I tried to cover the baby, and I laid over him.” Another bullet hit her back. The baby was unharmed, and Ms. Brewer is expected to heal. Ms. Brewer said about being shot, “When it hit me, I didn’t feel nothing because I was shocked. But like afterward, it started hurting.” Donna Brooks, Brewer’s aunt, said, “I think it was just something random, and it didn’t make a difference who it was. They just wanted to inflict pain on someone.” She added about the violence, “Enough is enough. Any time a life doesn’t matter, we have a problem.” Ms. Brewer said, “I’m blessed.”

For More Information:

Melissa MacBride, “TEEN GIRL SHOT, PROTECTS BABY NEPHEW IN SOUTH LA.” KABC (Los Angeles, California). 17 September 2015


SNEJANA FARBEROV, “‘I felt something hit my arm’: Heroic girl, 14, takes TWO bullets in shielding her baby nephew from gunfire in drive-by shooting.” Daily Mail (UK). 18 September 2015


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