“Helping Jim was Just Something I Did Without Thinking About It. And I Couldn’t Believe People were Messaging Me from Arizona and Australia to Say How Great It Was”

In August 2015, Jim Heron, age 84, fell as he was shopping in St Johns in Liverpool city centre in Liverpool, England. Fortunately, sisters Sophie and Shannon Gower, ages 19 and 17, respectively, who are from Seacombe, helped him up. Mr. Heron’s granddaughter, Sophie Heron, age 26, said, “He has got glaucoma, so his eyes are deteriorating and he is a little bit unsteady on his feet.” She added, “He is also quite a proud man so he would not have liked much fuss, but he did say the girls were absolutely stunning. The girls asked him where he was heading to and he told them he wanted to go to Wilkos so they took him upstairs and stayed with him.” Sophie Gower even bought him a walking stick. Sophie Heron said, “They disappeared for a bit and came back with a walking stick. He was overwhelmed by their kindness. The way they bought him a walking stick with their own money, you don’t expect it from the younger generation.” Sophie Gower said, “I was just outside St Johns and I saw him fall up a few steps so I helped him up and asked him where he was going. After when I sat him down in Wilkos I was walking away, I just thought I couldn’t leave him there. Two doors down there was a shop that sells bits and bobs, and I went in [and] bought him a [walking] stick.” She added, “I got flowers, chocolate, and a candle from Jim’s granddaughter Sophie, but I didn’t realise all this [news of the good deed went viral] was going to happen. Helping Jim was just something I did without thinking about it. And I couldn’t believe people were messaging me from Arizona and Australia to say how great it was.”

For More Information: “Story of Wirral teenagers’ kindness towards pensioner goes worldwide.” Liverpool Echo (UK). 16 August 2015


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