Martin Shkreli: American Hero

On 23 September 2015, Dan Diamond published “Martin Shkreli is an American hero” on In this article, he wrote, “Martin Shkreli is a greedy pharmaceutical executive. He’s the one who raised the price of Daraprim — a drug used by AIDS patients to fight infections — by more than 5,000 percent last month, before bowing to pressure on Tuesday [22 September 2015]. He’s also an American hero. We should be thanking him today.” So why is he a hero? He is so vile that he attracted a lot of attention to pharmaceutical companies that have been jacking up prices of life-saving generic drugs. Mr. Diamond wrote, “We don’t get health reform without a catalyzing moment like this.” He added that “America’s scrutiny of the generic drug industry is just beginning, all thanks to one foolish drug company CEO. And for that, Martin Shkreli, we salute you.”

Note by David Bruce: Mr. Shkreli did say that he would give the drug away free to people who could not afford it. But so what? Originally, the price was low enough that most people could afford it. Then he raised the price by more than 5,000 percent. It’s like you used to be able to have self-respect and pay your bills, but now he is saying that if you want to take the drug and live, you poor, pathetic person, you have to take my charity and make me look like a good guy. Jump through my hoop, little monkey, if you want to live.

Source: Dan Diamond, “Martin Shkreli is an American hero. Here’s why.” Vox. 23 September 2015

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