“Everyone has Inner Strength — But You Don’t Know It Until Something like that Happens”

In January 2015, neo-Nazi Zack Davies attacked Sarandev Bhambra, a dentist, with a hammer and a machete in a supermarket in Mold, North Wales. Ex-soldier Pete Fuller, age 44, came to the rescue, but first Zack Davies slashed Mr. Bhambra’s head and back and almost severed his hand. Reason for the attack? Mr. Bhambra is Asian. Mr. Fuller said, “It was like something out of a horror movie.” He added, “I heard the attacker say, ‘Remember Lee Rigby.’” Fusilier Lee Rigby was a British soldier whom Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale murdered on 22 May 2013 in London; they said they murdered him in retaliation for the deaths of Muslims killed by British soldiers. Mr. Fuller remembered, “I saw a man lying in blood on the floor and the guy standing over him, hitting him. Somehow the victim managed to get up and run back down the aisle — towards me with the man chasing him. I decided there was no way I was backing away. People were running and screaming. I moved into the middle of the aisle and made myself as big as possible. I was shouting at the guy that what he was doing was madness. I made it clear he was either going to have to go through me or he was going to stop.” Mr. Fuller, a father of three, was afraid at first Zack Davis was going to kill him. Mr. Fuller said, “He stopped and put the weapons down and I managed to talk him around. I told him what he was doing was daft. He said, ‘We are under attack,’ and I said, ‘This guy hasn’t attacked anyone’. I was looking him straight in the eyes and I think it took the wind out of his sails.” Mr. Fuller kept talking to Zack Davies, who was later found guilty of attempted murder and is in prison, until police arrived. Mr. Fuller added, “Everyone has inner strength — but you don’t know it until something like that happens.”

For Further Information: Georgina Stubbs, “Pride of Britain award for hero who saved shopper from terrifying race-hate beheading.” Daily Mirror (UK). 26 September 2015


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