“Relief Comes in All Different Shapes and Sizes”

Ice Cream Good Deed



In September 2015, Isabella Gregory, a 5-year-old from Kentucky, was in a McDonald’s restaurant when several law enforcement members entered. Isabella’s mother, Sarah Yockey, had told her about the funeral for slain Kentucky State Police trooper Joseph Ponder after they had seen the funeral procession. These law enforcement officials had just left that funeral. Isabella decided to buy the troopers ice cream sundaes. Ms. Yockey said, “She used her allowance she earned this past week to put smiles on their faces. She said, ‘Their friend died, and it’s not fair because he has a family, too.’” The troopers took a photo with Isabella and both Ms. Yockey and Trooper Eric Homan shared the photo on Facebook, where it went viral. Trooper Homan said, “I had no idea that so many people would share it. We agreed the ball is now in our court to pay it forward as we will soon return back to work in our communities to serve the public.” On his Facebook post, Trooper Homan wrote, “Thanks to this fine young lady who used her allowance to treat us to ice cream today after the funeral services. We needed that! Relief comes in all different shapes and sizes, thank you for supporting us Isabella, 5 year old from E-town, KY you are living proof of what makes coming to work everyday worth it.”

For Further Information: Kimberly Yam, “Girl Uses Her Allowance To Buy Ice Cream For Mourning State Troopers.” Huffington Post. 25 September 2015


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