“Help! Help! He’s Hurting My Sister! Call the Police!”

In September 2014, Bob Baker heard an 11-year-old girl crying for help in Reed Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He said, “We heard a child, a young girl, screaming across the lot saying, ‘Help! Help! He’s hurting my sister! Call the police!’” He ran to her, and she told him that a man was attacking her sister, age 13. Mr. Baker said, “By the time I got across the bridge and up the grass a little bit, the other little girl came out and she said this guy had hit her and some other stuff that I don’t feel comfortable talking about.” Mr. Baker caught up to the suspect, whom police said is mentally ill, and talked to him until police arrived. The suspect admitted to police that he had hit the 11-year-old girl and had attempted to sexually assault the 13-year-old girl. Mr. Baker said, “I’ve got five kids. And I’ve got a granddaughter that comes to this park with us. So I would never want something like this to happen to my kids. And I can’t see it happening to someone else’s.” Like many heroes, Mr. Baker said that he is not a hero, that he was just doing the right thing: “That’s the way I was raised. I try to instill that in my kids.” He said that the real hero is the 11-year-old girl: “She did everything correct. She ran to get help and brought it back. She was able to save her sister from being victimized any worse than what she had been already.” The suspect was charged with kidnapping, child abuse, and lewd molestation of a minor.

For Further Information: “Good Samaritan aids in capture of man accused of attempting to sexually assault young girl.” KJRH (Tulsa, Oklahoma). 28 September 2015


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