“What’s the Smoothest Move You’ve Ever Seen Someone Do on Their Date?”

Here are some answers:

1) dentttt wrote, “I was sitting on the subway heading into the city when two people sat down near me who were clearly on their first date (a lot of ‘so what do you do’ type questions). The guy was trying to keep things interesting, but the conversation seemed to stall pretty quickly, and she didn’t seem to be that interested in him.

“A few minutes later, a bum got on the train, sat directly across from the girl, and immediately started yelling at her. ‘Your daddy bought you everything. You’re so spoiled! You’re what’s wrong with this country!’ and as he was saying the last sentence, he lunged across the aisle at her with surprising quickness (for a bum). With no hesitation whatsoever, the guy jumped up, wrapped an arm around the bum before he reached the girl, threw him back in his seat and said very calmly but seriously ‘You don’t touch her. You don’t go near her.’ The bum didn’t say a word and got off at the next stop.

“Thinking to myself, I can’t say I wouldn’t have been immediately stunned before I could react. But this guy had no hesitation. After that, the girl looked at him like Prince Charming — touching his arm, constantly smiling, laughing at all his jokes, totally rapt by him. Smoothest move I ever saw.”

2) Durbee wrote, “I’m not sure if this counts, but the smoothest date move I’ve ever seen was executed by a third party.

“An obvious-first-date couple, who had been waiting right next to me at the bar for their table stood up as the hostess approached them.

“Hostesses typically are polite but reserved, but this GGG [Good Girl Gina] of the service industry assessed the situation and decided to break character in the space of half a second.

“She sort of rushed to them, and said, ‘Tony! I had no idea it was you waiting. Give your cousin a hug.’ Then she hugged the guy a bit eagerly and whispered something in his ear I could not hear.

“While she turned to compliment his date, he turned in the other direction (facing me) to reveal that not only was his fly open, he had gone commando. He’d basically been sitting around showing off his wedding veggies for half their date.

“The dude was nonplussed, but so obviously grateful. It really was a thing of beauty.”

3) ArthurJones wrote, “I once had a date with a girl from a different city, and since we hadn’t met face to face before we decided to meet up at the service desk of the train-station in her city.

“So as soon as I got out of the train, there was a crying little kid standing on the platform with no parent in sight. So I walked to the little kid, asked him where his parents where, or if he was with someone else. Between all the tears and hiccups, it became clear that he lost daddy. So I walked with him all over the platform looking for his father for a few minutes, but no luck. I figured I’d drop him of at the service desk where they could make an announcement throughout the whole train-station.

“Arriving there, there were two things waiting for me: A panicked dad who had the same idea as me, and my date who I had agreed with to meet there. Witnessing the conclusion of events, she was rather pleased. It probably wasn’t the only reason she took me home with her at the end of the date, but it couldn’t have hurt either.”

Ensigniee commented, “You are a good man. That sh[*]t is TERRIFYING as a child.”

Missus_Nicola commented, “That sh[*]t is TERRIFYING as a parent.”

4) trtexroxcks wrote, “Well, I was on this date, so I guess I saw it.

“My high school boyfriend and I were at a restaurant and I got a dish that came with steamed broccoli, which I don’t care for, but as a shy 16-year-old, I still felt weird about special ordering at a restaurant.

“When my dish came, it instead had a side of carrots, which is my favorite vegetable ever. Apparently, my bf had asked the waiter to substitute it in for the broccoli without me knowing.

“It was a small move but really sweet, and I was also really surprised that he’d paid enough attention to me to know what vegetables I liked and didn’t.”

5) tanac wrote, “Smoothest date move I ever saw:

“Out to dinner with my sweetie; we like to people watch and noticed that the couple sitting one table over were on their first date (so very obvious). It’s going well; she’s into him and he’s just talking a mile a minute.

“Then, all of a sudden from out of nowhere there is this big-ass beetle on this guy’s upper arm. The woman notices it about a minute later — her eyes got huge and she was having to make an effort to tear her eyes away from it.

“(Meanwhile, we are desperately trying not to bust out laughing in shared horror/embarrassment.)

“After a few minutes, when the thing obviously wasn’t going away on its own, the woman grabs onto something the guy says and laughs uproariously, at the same time she deftly mock-slaps him on the arm and sends the bug flying.

“Guy never noticed a thing. Slickest thing I’ve ever seen. Rest of the date seemed to go well. We do wonder if she ever told him about it.”

Here are some stories that are not really good deeds, but are interesting:

1) mag0802 wrote, “I was getting some air outside a bar when a couple walks out (looked like a first or second date — no hand holding, both dressed up for a pub) and the guy trips on a missing brick in the walkway and falls onto his hands and knees. The girl says, ‘Oh, my god,’ and helps him up and asks, ‘Are you ok?’ And the guy says after a half-beat, ‘That’s the second time I’ve fallen for something tonight.’

“That girl’s smile could have re-lit the sun.”

2) Dimestoresaint wrote, “I’ll tell the story of how my mom and dad met. My dad was walking home in the rain and my mom pulled over and asked if he wanted a ride because she recognized him from work. He got in and noticed my mother was driving without shoes because they ached from wearing heels all day. My father says to my mother, ‘Wow, you have fat feet.’ Then my mother told him to get the f[*]ck out of the car and that he can walk. Somehow it worked because they got married and had me.”

For More Information: sabineastroph, “What’s the smoothest move you’ve ever seen someone do on their date?” Reddit. 29 September 2015


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