“If I was to Keep that Money, that would be Against Every Core Value that I Live by, and I Knew that was Not an Option So It Never Crossed My Mind”

In September 2015, Dennis Crouch, a garbage collector for the City of Moline in Illinois, found an envelope lying in an alley. Mr. Crouch said, “I […] realized there was a whole lot of cash inside the envelope.” The amount was $2,000, and it belonged to Doikel Gning. Mr. Crouch realized that he could not keep the money: “If I was to keep that money, that would be against every core value that I live by, and I knew that was not an option so it never crossed my mind.” Mr. Gning said that when he noticed the money was missing, “I kept looking in my car and my apartment in my house, and then I realized, ‘Wow, I looked everywhere.’” He went to the police station and discovered that the money had already been turned in. He said, “We`re living in very hard times right now, where everybody`s hurting, but we still have out there good people.”

For More information: Jenna Morton, “Molina Good Samaritan finds $2,000, returns to owner.” WQAD (Moline, Illinois). 30 September 2015


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