“We are Happy to have the Opportunity to Shed Some Positive Light on Such a Sensitive Subject”

After a photograph of some members of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority taking selfies at an Arizona Diamondbacks professional baseball game went viral, some people mocked them. The Diamondbacks and Fox Sports offered them free tickets to another game, but the sorority members turned them down and instead asked that the sports organization donate the tickets to a non-profit organization that helps victims of domestic violence. On Facebook, the sorority posted this message:

“Alpha Chi Omega at Arizona State University would like to thank the Arizona Diamondbacks and Fox Sports for reaching out to the chapter after last night’s game and subsequent media frenzy. We appreciate their generous offer of tickets to tonight’s game. However, instead of chapter members attending the game, we have asked the Diamondbacks and Fox Sports to provide tickets to a future game for families at A New Leaf, a local non-profit that helps support victims of domestic violence.

“Today, October 1 [2015], marks the beginning of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. If everyone who viewed this statement took the time to make a donation in recognition of domestic violence awareness, which is Alpha Chi Omega’s national philanthropy, we would be so grateful! We are happy to have the opportunity to shed some positive light on such a sensitive subject. All proceeds will go directly to A New Leaf to help struggling Arizona families get back on their feet by providing housing, food, childcare and more. You can donate using the link below [http://tinyurl.com/pkpw7az]. We appreciate your support!”

For information about A New Leaf, use this link: [http://tinyurl.com/nvnse5d].

For More Information: Alpha Chi Omega. Post. Facebook. 1 October 2015 <https://www.facebook.com/axoasu?fref=nf>.

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