“So Maybe Good Samaritans Really Do Exist. I Want to Thank All of You Who were Kind Enough to Stop Today. Thank You for Taking the Time to Help Someone in Need”

Sometimes a person will pose as a Good Samaritan to someone but will then rob that person. Following one such incident, TV station KYTX in Tyler, Texas, decided to see whether real Good Samaritans still exist. In September 2015, reporter Jacqueline Sarkissian pretended to have car trouble. She then waited to see if anyone would stop and offer to help her. Within five minutes, Joshua Ford stopped. He said, “I looked over, you know, saw you had your hood up and you didn’t look like you knew what you were doing.” In one hour, seven people stopped and asked if she needed help. Once, two separate vehicles stopped. One of the drivers, Jimmy Shepherd, said, “I didn’t know he [the other Good Samaritan] was here actually. I went down and did a U-turn back there, and when I came back by I saw he was here, but like I said it’s a Chevy and I got the antifreeze in my truck and jumper cables. I didn’t know what the guy helping already had.” Why did they offer to help? Mr. Ford said, “I was raised in a home where if someone needs help, you stop and see what they need.” Another Good Samaritan, Justin Vaughan, said, “It’s just who I am. My mom always taught me [to] help who you can help.” Yet another Good Samaritan, Kevin Henry, said, “I have sisters and I have cousins first of all and you never know … anybody, everybody needs help, especially being on the side of the road.” Ms. Sarkissian, the reporter, said, “So maybe good Samaritans really do exist. I want to thank all of you who were kind enough to stop today. Thank you for taking the time to help someone in need.”

For Further Information: Jacqueline Sarkissian, “Good Samaritan Experiment: Do Good Samaritans still exist?” KYTX (Tyler, Texas). 29 September 2015


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