“I Owe My Life to My Seven-Year-Old Son and It’s Hard to Admit and It Makes Me Very Happy at the Same Time”

In September 2015, a violent rape occurred in a home in Rotterdam, New York. The mother who was strangled and raped credits her son with saving her life. She said, “I owe my life to my seven-year-old son and it’s hard to admit and it makes me very happy at the same time.” Remembering the rape, she said, “I heard a big bang. That’s what I heard and that’s when I jumped out of bed and said, ‘Who is it?’ And before I could finish saying it, he had his hands around my throat and my back on my bed and smiled and said it’s your neighbor.” Her son heard the noise and went into the room. Her son said, “At a point, he was like, ‘I’m going to close this door a little,’ then I just opened up the door, and he was punching my mom.” His mother said about the rapist, “There was no doubt in my mind he wanted me dead.” Her son said about the rapist, “He threw me on the ground and kicked me in the face three times.” The woman who was raped said, “We [My son and I] were both screaming and I had my bedroom window open and he [my son] must have turned on all the lights in the apartment. I believe the man [the rapist] lost control of the situation and at that moment left.” The alleged rapist had lived nearby for three month. The woman who was raped said, “You really can’t trust anyone anymore. Not even your neighbor.” US Marshals arrested the alleged rapist in North Carolina. The son of the woman who was raped said, “I love her very much.”

For Further Information:

Anna Meiler, “7 year old hailed a hero after saving his mom’s life during Rotterdam rape.” WNYT-TV (Albany, New York). 24 September 2015


Lindsay Nielsen, “Mother, son recount vicious attack in Rotterdam apartment.” 23 September 2015; updated 24 September 2015


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