“As a Christian Woman the Word Tells Me to LOVE My Neighbor and in Loving My Neighbor that Means Being My Brother’s Keeper and Helping When He Needs It”

Homeless Food

On 24 September 2015, Natasha Robinson posted a photo on Facebook of herself treating a homeless man to Wendy’s fast food in Washington DC. Underneath the photo she wrote this:

“Leaving school and I saw this man eating from the trash can. I asked would he like to go in Wendy’s to eat. He said yes. As we are walking he said, ‘Thank you, Lord, for sending someone.’ He told me he has not eaten since breakfast. Because the Pope was in town all the Catholic soup kitchens were closed. And he just needed enough to get him over til morning. After he ordered he said let’s take a picture on that fancy phone you have there. The world needs to see what a walking blessing looks like. He was so humble he was about to order from the dollar menu. I told him no don’t he dare he [needs to] make sure he gets enough to be full … He said I can’t let you leave until I hug you. As he was hugging me he was praying … Little do he know I’m the one who received a blessing …”

Ms. Robinson said in a statement to FOX 29: “As a Christian woman the word tells me to LOVE my neighbor and in loving my neighbor that means being my brother’s keeper and helping when he needs it. He needed me and as he hugged and prayed for me in that moment I realized that I needed him as well.

“Since this has happened and this picture has gone viral, I have gotten hundreds of inboxes from people all over the world. Just people thanking me for helping this man, some saying I have restored their faith in Humanity and others that are simply grateful that I stopped to feed him.”

She added, “My blessings have always come from God and not man. I saw a need, I met the need and I pray that others will take time to pay it forward. I think if more people look at the big picture, step outside and see that there are so many people without and we who have more should be willing to help.”

For More Information: “Good Samaritan feeds man looking through trash for food, post goes viral.” Fox32chicgo.com. 6 October 2015; updated 7 October 2015


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