Frightwig – Crawford (YouTube)

Frightwig – Crawford (YouTube)

Crawford (c) 2013 Mia d’Bruzzi and Deanna Mitchell

She’s backstage with Darby at that great gig in the sky

No one passes out up there and no one ever dies

Sid and Nancy chat and fight again upon their bed

Crawford is with Gomez, all the real punks are dead.

No one gave a shit about her, passed out drunken in your hall

Pissed because she broke your mirror, spilled your mannitol

You’ll never get your ten bucks now, so really, she’s ahead

If you had her class, you’d be with her

Real punks are dead.

Always moving faster than a human being can

Shooting at the eight ball, rum and coke in your hand

Closing all the bars and hanging out with all the bands

Sweet, oh how we miss you, baby, you were The Man!

Punk Globe: Any recording plans for 2013?

Deanna Mitchell: Yes, we have finished recording and mastering our new EP. We are currently working on the artwork. The EP is produced by Eric Drew Feldman and mixed by Gabriel Shepard. We recorded it at Hyde Street Studios. That’s where we recorded our first two albums, so that felt like a touchstone. We are figuring out how to release it. We are in discussion with a couple of labels. With the new EP we revisit our beginnings by re-recording four of our previously released songs. A Man’s Gotta Do, What A Man’s Gotta Do, Big Bang, Crazy World and My Crotch Does Not Say Go. The fifth song is one that Mia and I wrote in the very early days of Frightwig, it’s called Crawford. It’s about a few of our friends who died from drug and alcohol overdoses.. We did add a new verse for Sweet. If you were there, back in the day you know these people. It is an homage to our punk rock SF roots. We’ve just released the video. It’s a DIY video. Shot in about an hour at our rehearsal studio. Shot by Pow Zine, he had one camera and one I-Pad. Pow also did all of the editing and production. It’s pretty gritty, but so are we.




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