Aggie Auelua: Heroine

A hero is a person who risks his or her life in order to help another person; some heroes die. In October 2015 Aggie Auelua, a 26-year-old from New Zealand, was vacationing in New South Wales, Australia, when a wave swept the son of her partner into rough waves at Fingal Head, on the north coast of NSW. A witness said, “Apparently it was just a rogue wave that pulled the kids in, so I suppose it could happen every day.” Although she was not a strong swimmer, she managed to keep the boy’s head above the water until a lifeboat arrived and carried the boy, who was unhurt, to safety. When the lifeboat returned, however, Ms. Auelua was unconscious and floating facedown. She could not be revived despite being given CPR. On social media one person wrote, “To know a loved one sacrificed herself to save another…? Sad and proud beyond belief.”

Source: “Woman hailed a hero after drowning while saving young boy.” 11 October 2015 <>.

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