“I Don’t Feel Like I am a Hero. It’s a Man’s Job to Protect the Innocent”

At approximately 2 a.m. on 15 June 2014, a white man attempted to rape a woman in Kelvingrove Park in the west end of Glasgow, Scotland. Fortunately, Abdull Oun, a 27-year-old doorman, heard the woman screaming for help while he was jogging in the park with his puppy. Although Mr. Abdull was born in Tripoli, Libya, he has lived in Glasgow for the past 13 years. He ran to the rescue and used a flying kick to knock out the would-be rapist. The woman, who did not wish to be identified, said about Mr. Oun, “He is a hero, a gentleman, and my savior. It’s like he woke me up from a very bad dream. I just wanted to send out a big thank you for his heroism and hope there are more people like him in this world.” The woman had been at Kushion nightclub, in Bath Street, with friends, but she decided to walk home alone. The would-be rapist jumped her while she was in the park. She said, “I tried to fight my way out, but he was too strong. I screamed, but he put his hands on my mouth. I bit him and managed to scream again, yelling, ‘Help!’ Suddenly a chap wearing red shorts appeared from nowhere with a little black puppy. He fly-kicked the beast off me, which completely knocked him out.” Mr. Oun wanted to call the police, but the woman convinced him not to because she was afraid that her family would worry. Later, she decided to make the public aware of Mr. Oun’s heroism. She said, “He wanted to contact the police, but I begged him not to. He saw my dress was ripped and gave me his jacket.” The would-be rapist then regained consciousness and ran away. Mr. Oun flagged down a cab for the woman. His driving license was inside his running jacket, and later she returned his jacket to him. In an interview with the UK newspaper The Daily Record, Mr. Oun said, “I don’t feel like I am a hero. It’s a man’s job to protect the innocent. If I see a person in danger, then I will intervene. I would not want to ignore it and then read the next day that a woman had been raped or murdered.” He said that when he heard the two screams for help, “I jumped the gate and ran into the park. I could see the man had the woman pinned on the ground. I fly-kicked him in the face and knocked him out.” When Mr. Oun intervened, the would-be rapist was unfastening his trousers. When the reporter for The Daily Record asked Mr. Oun if he had a message for the would-be rapist, Mr. Oun said, “He is a coward and a man with no morals. I won’t forget his face.”

For Further Information: Paul O’Hare, “Brave jogger dubbed a hero after fighting off sex beast who was attempting to rape girl in Glasgow park.” Daily Record (UK). 7 July 2014; updated 8 July 2014 <http://tinyurl.com/o4arye2>.

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