I am so Ugly I Fixed a Girl’s Life by Dancing with Her

In answer to the question “What is the best thing about being unattractive?” on AskReddit, waashman wrote, “A little late but there is a girl at my college known for sleeping around a lot. There are a bunch of rumors surrounding her ,but I know for a fact that she has taken two random guys up to her room on the same night (I worked as a doorman at the time). She wasn’t the best student by any means choosing to party over studying or anything like that. About a year ago, I was drunk at a bar and saw her there. She saw me and we talked for a bit and she asked to dance. I’m not the most attractive person by any means, so this had never happened to me. I took her offer, why not, could be fun. After about 4 songs worth of grinding or so, she turns around and gives me this wide-eyed look. She quickly says, ‘I have to go,’ and rushes out the door as quick as she could. I assumed she had a moment of clarity and left. I met back up with friends, told them what happened, and we all left a bit later. The next day there is a huge party and apparently she didn’t go, people were saying she wanted to study instead. In fact, she didn’t go to the bar or any party for the rest of the semester. She made dean’s list that semester and is on track to make dean’s list this semester too. When I talk about it to my friends, they say she probably hooked up with someone else that night or she went out a different night but I saw her look of shock. I saw her directly leave the bar. I know she didn’t go to that party that she would normally go to the very next night. She hit rock bottom by simply dancing with me and it was enough to truly change her life. TLDR: I am so ugly I fixed a girl’s life by dancing with her.”

Source: Applango, “What is the best thing about being unattractive?” Reddit. AskReddit. 15 December 2015


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