The Oklahoma City Police Department: “We are Satisfied with the Jury’s Decision and Firmly Believe Justice was Served”


Almost all police officers are good people, and some are heroes, but a few are criminals. All good police officers should — and almost certainly do — approve when a bad police officer is convinced of crimes he or she has committed. In December 2015, former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw was found guilty of 18 charges against him, including sexual battery, forcible oral sodomy, and first-degree and second-degree rape. He was found guilty on four charges of first-degree rape. Jurors took their time reaching their verdict; they deliberated the evidence for more than 40 hours over four days. The Oklahoma City Police Department stated, “We are satisfied with the jury’s decision and firmly believe justice was served.” Daniel Holtzclaw had been accused of sexually assaulting 13 black women while on duty as a police officer. Thirteen women testified against him at the trial. According to an article by Melissa Jeltsen, “The women’s testimonies revealed a similar pattern: Holtzclaw would stop them, search them for drug paraphernalia and run criminal background checks. Then he’d force them into sex, threatening them with arrest if they didn’t comply.” Daniel Holtzclaw cried when the verdict was announced. No doubt many of the women he sexually assaulted cried after he sexually assaulted them.

This is the Oklahoma Police Department’s entire statement posted on Facebook:

“The Oklahoma City Police Department is pleased with the jury’s decision regarding the Daniel Holtzclaw trial. It was a long and difficult trial and deliberation process for all involved. It is obvious the jury took their responsibilities very seriously and considered every piece of evidence presented to them.

“We are proud of our detectives and prosecutors for a job well done.

“To the jury, we thank you for your service.

“We are satisfied with the jury’s decision and firmly believe justice was served.”

For Further Information: Michael Martinez and Gigi Mann, “Former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw found guilty of rape.” CNN. 10 December 2015

For Further Informatio: Melissa Jeltsen, “Oklahoma Ex-Cop Convicted Of Serial Rape.” Huffington Post. 12 December 2015

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