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David Bruce: Anecdotes About Work

Henri Matisse worked long and hard at his art. He said to fellow artist André Verdet in 1952, “If people knew what Matisse, supposedly the painter of happiness, had gone through, the anguish and tragedy he had to overcome to … Continue reading

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“It Would have been a Lousy Christmas for Us had the Wallet Fallen into the Wrong Hands”

In December 2015, Anthony Cole lost his wallet on Talbot Street in the Riverside area of Cardiff, Wales. Fortunately, Chris Canavan, a waste collection officer, found it and began knocking on doors, despite heavy rain, to find its owner. Mr. … Continue reading

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“I Carefully Chose My Words and Explained to Them that Normally Children are Not Abused, and that It was Wrong, Illegal, and So On”

In reply to the question “To the Nurses/Psychiatrists of Reddit, what is something that a patient has said or done that still haunts you? [Serious]” on AskReddit, Hodaka wrote this: “Psych lawyer here. Many years ago I started out investigating … Continue reading

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Progress Report: November / December 2015

Source: Progress Report: November / December 2015

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