“It Would have been a Lousy Christmas for Us had the Wallet Fallen into the Wrong Hands”

In December 2015, Anthony Cole lost his wallet on Talbot Street in the Riverside area of Cardiff, Wales. Fortunately, Chris Canavan, a waste collection officer, found it and began knocking on doors, despite heavy rain, to find its owner. Mr. Canavan said, “Luckily there was a photograph in the wallet of Mr. Cole’s son Neil and his family. There were also bank cards and quite a lot of money. I knocked on doors until I was able to match a person with the image on the photo. One of the neighbours identified Neil and pointed out where he lived. Neil told me that the wallet belonged to his father, who lived in Neath, and that he would ensure that he received it. He was grateful that we’d found the wallet and not somebody less honest.” Neil then called his father and told him that his wallet had been found. Barbara Cole, Anthony’s wife, said, “We are so grateful to the council employees who found the wallet and went to such lengths to find the owner in dreadful conditions. It had all my husband’s bank cards in it. If a dishonest person had found the wallet, they’d have had a ball at our expense. I’m so grateful to the men and would like to write to them so that I can thank them personally. It would have been a lousy Christmas for us had the wallet fallen into the wrong hands.”

For More Information: “Christmas saved thanks to good deed from Cardiff waste worker.” Itv (Wales). 10 December 2015


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