“What is the Saddest Thing You’ve Seen Another Person Do?”

Vegosha, who is from Lithuania, wrote: “Old man (80+) taking out a sandwich (like bread, butter, and a tiny piece of meat on it, like really tiny — 1/10th of the size of bread), trying to eat it with trembling hands and accidentally dropping into a mud [puddle], then breaking down and starting to cry. After talking a bit to him I found out he was living on a pension of 120 euros and that sandwich was his first and last meal for that day and, most likely, for the next day, because he had to choose, medicine + taxes, or food + taxes. To cheer [him] up, I asked him what food he liked, took him to a restaurant, ordered some food he liked, told him to wait me there after eating, while I was shopping. Used that time to buy some more food. To this day it might have been the most sincere ‘thank you’ I’ve heard all my life.”

ouijabore commented, “You have a lovely heart.”

ColbyStein commented, “You are literally the best guy.”

Source: Pargsnip, “What is the saddest thing you’ve seen another person do?” Askreddit. Reddit. 23 December 2015


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1 Response to “What is the Saddest Thing You’ve Seen Another Person Do?”

  1. Rosa Jones says:

    Ok….this one made me cry….thanks David!

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