Punk Documentaries


An Interview with Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat/Dischord Records (YouTube)

In this clip from http://www.artistshousemusic.org – Watch as Ian MacKaye, founder and owner of Dischord Records, participates in a detailed Q&A session with an auditorium of Loyola University Music Business students. MacKaye speaks on his experiences with bands like Minor Threat and Fugazi and also answers questions about his Dischord record label.


PUNK Attitude documentary (YouTube)

Punk: Attitude is a documentary on the history of punk rock in the USA and UK. The film traces the different styles of punk from their roots in 60s garage and psychedelic bands (Count Five, the Stooges) through glam-punk (New York Dolls) to the 70s New York and London scenes and into the hardcore present. Interviews with many of the musicians are edited with live clips and historical footage.


Henry Rollins & Amanda Palmer, Hammer Conversations (YouTube)

7/7/07 — Amanda Palmer is the singer/songwriter/pianist for The Dresden Dolls, a Boston keyboard/drum duo famous around the globe for straddling the line between Weimar Cabaret and Punk. Originally known as the vocalist for the legendary band Black Flag, Henry Rollins has become a modern day Renaissance man touring the world performing with his own Rollins Band, as an engaging public speaker, and on behalf of the USO.

Hammer Conversations is an ongoing series that pair thinkers from a range of disciplines for engaging provocative discussions on culture, science, and the arts.

Learn more about the Hammer Museum at UCLA and Hammer Conversations at http://www.hammer.ucla.edu.


Punk´s Not Dead – Documental By Susan Dynner Con Subtitulos en Español (YouTube)

“Punk’s not dead” es un documental dirigido por Susan Dynner que repasa los treinta años del movimiento punk.


ANOTHER STATE OF MIND | A Punk Documentary (YouTube)

The full-length documentary.

From Wikipedia:

Another State of Mind is a documentary film made in the summer of 1982 chronicling the adventure (and misadventure) of two punk bands — Social Distortion and Youth Brigade — as they embark on their first international tour. Along the way they meet up with another progressive punk band, Minor Threat, whom they hang out with at the Dischord house for about a week near the end of their ill-fated tour.


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