Deonte Smith: Quick-Thinking Senior 911 Operator

About 4 a.m. on 28 December 2015, a man kidnapped a woman, drove her a novelty store parking lot in Clayton County, Georgia, and told her to call her boyfriend so that he could listen as she was being raped. The quick-thinking woman instead called 911, and Deonte Smith, a senior 911 operator in Clayton County, pretended to be her boyfriend. He talked to the rapist and tried to convince him to stop raping the woman. He also sent police to the scene; when the police arrived, Mr. Smith was still on the line and the rapist was still assaulting the woman. The police arrested the man. Mr. Smith, who had been about to go on break, said, “I was the only guy on the floor that night. The other guy we had had just left not too long before the call came in.” He said about the woman, “I would like to meet you in person. I really want to. I’m thankful for your quick thinking” in calling 911. He added that the call was “the most extreme call of my career.” He said that he was very upset by the call: “Very much so. I have a daughter, I have a sister and I have a mom. [It’s] difficult, it really is. I was really upset.” However, he remained professional, as he must in his job.

For More Information: Arthur Weinreb, “Quick thinking by 911 operator possibly saves rape victim’s life.” Digital Journal. 31 December 2015

For More Information: “Dispatcher pretended to be woman’s boyfriend during attack.” WSB-TV (Atlanta, Georgia). 29 December 2015

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