“Someone would have to be Horrified to Make that Kind of Sound”

In October 2015, a female student was followed by a man and then cornered inside the women’s restroom on the second floor of the library on the campus of Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland. She cried for help, and Alexander Cahan came to help her. Mr. Cahan said, “Someone would have to be horrified to make that kind of sound.” He heard her screaming and crying. He said, “I thought maybe someone was crying on the phone, yelling on the phone, but it went on for about five or six seconds, so I thought something was definitely wrong.” He went to the bathroom door and looked in and saw the woman and the man. Mr. Cahan said, “I asked her if she was okay, did he put his hands on her. Then she couldn’t answer because she was in shock.” He added, “It was obvious they didn’t know each other.” He said, “My heart broke for her when I saw her face. You can tell her innocence was gone after that. She was horrified.” The man took off running. Mr. Cahan said, “He ran towards the exit, but he went out the wrong side. The door wouldn’t open, so I caught up to him, grabbed his jacket and slammed him to the glass.” The suspect broke free, and Mr. Cahan yelled for help. He chased the man and pinned him to the ground. The man was arrested. Major Eric Over, with Rockville Police, said, “The suspect in this case followed her into the restroom, blocked her escape, made some sexual hand gestures and physically put his hands on her — pushing her further back into the restroom.” He added, “The witness in this case took off running, chased the suspect down, tackled him down on the first floor before he could get outside and told people to call security.” The suspect, who was arrested, was not a student at Montgomery College.

For More Information: Marina Marraco, “Good Samaritan helps capture sexual assault suspect at Montgomery College.” Fox5dc.com. 21 October 2015


For More Information: Matt Ackland, “Police: Students rush to help victim of campus assault.” Fox5dc.com. 22 October 2015


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