What are Some of Your Best Feel-Good Stories?

Here are some replies:

1) ♀ApricotPickles wrote, “One of my favorites is a time my coworkers and I managed to make Christmas happen for a young girl who otherwise wasn’t going to have one because ‘Mommy said Santa Claus is poor this year.’ I filled a suitcase and a new school backpack with toys, dropped them off at her group home, and left a letter from Santa Claus. When I later saw the girl again, she whispered excitedly to me, ‘Santa came and left me gifts!’ Then she got even quieter and said, ‘But I know it wasn’t really Santa. It was my brother because he loves me.’”

2) ♀PandorasTrunk wrote, “A few years ago, my parents were giving my sister’s old twin bed to a friend of a friend who needed one so she could get her children back. She had been homeless for a time, but had gotten a new job and an apartment. The court said her children could live with her again, but having a bed for each of them was a requirement. Along with the bed, we also donated some clothing to the daughter. She was in her junior year of high school, so she fit into a lot of stuff that belonged to my sister and me.

“Now, in college I was in a band sorority and we had two or three formal events each year. If I saw a cool gown on clearance somewhere, I’d buy it. Well, one of these gowns found its way into the bottom of the bag of clothing. It apparently fit the daughter perfectly and was just her style. Her mother called my family friend crying because she had been trying to figure out a way to afford a prom dress for the girl.”

3) inducedjoy wrote, “I was out front of a building at school one morning before it was opened for class, and a man standing next to me starting signing to me. I don’t understand Sign Language whatsoever, so I said, ‘Sorry,’ kind of loudly and hoped my body language and facial expression conveyed that I couldn’t understand him. He simply took my hand, made it into the sign for ‘love’, then mimicked it and put his hand against mine. It was beautiful, I’ll never forget it.

“Another time, a homeless woman on the street saw me light my cigarette and said, ‘Please, put it out. This is my last piece of gum, chew it instead.’ It was so profound that someone with almost nothing was willing to give me, a stranger, something to maybe improve my health, even if it was in such a little way.”

Source: ♀ApricotPickles, “What are some of your best feel-good stories?” Reddit. AskWomen. 18 January 2016 <http://tinyurl.com/hw8vsp8>.

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