“How have a Stranger’s Actions Tangentially Made Your Life Better Recently?”

Here are some answers:

1) KochiraChiRah wrote this:

“So I work on the basement level of a tall building, and somehow it has become a thing that everyone from the floors above comes down to use our only bathroom to poo. I am guessing it’s because they don’t want their colleagues to know they poop or something, so they sneak down to our floor where they won’t risk being recognized.

“That’s all well and good, but it’s the only bathroom we basement people have access to, and all the bathrooms on the upper floors are protected by key card access, so it’s not like we can just run up and use theirs in some kind of bathroom exchange.

“Anyway, as you can imagine, our only bathroom always, ALWAYS stinks. It’s not the worst thing, but it’s not great either. I had just gotten used to it, and it wasn’t something that actively upset me or anything.

“Fast forward to this week — every time I walk into the bathroom, it smells very subtly of flowers, quite fancy… It seems like someone has been doing something, fragrance spray maybe, and it’s surprisingly nice! Thanks to whatever stranger decided to make things a little fresher for the rest of us!”

2) oatmealcookay wrote, “I take the bus home when it’s dark and there’s this guy who takes the same bus and walks a good portion of my route home with me. He also dances the entire way beside me. He said to me the other day, ‘Nobody is gonna f[**]k with you when you have a big black dude dancing by your side’.”

PantalonesPantalones commented, “That is awesome on so many levels.”

3) cuaseimdrunk, a female, wrote, “A few years ago I was laid off and couldn’t make rent. I spent a frantic few weeks learning everything I could about living in my van during winter on vanliving forums. A guy messaged me saying he’d noticed my numerous posts and wanted to help. He bought me a propane heater and had it shipped to my house. That heater helped deal with a very tough situation and gave me much-needed comfort during the cold nights.”

4) melcatt wrote, “The manager at Chipotle gave me my burrito for free. I was in a bad mood because my school’s residences ran out of food for dinner way before the cafeteria was supposed to close so I had to go out and spend actual money. I asked him before I ordered how much a burrito would cost with tax to make sure I had enough cash and he said not to worry about it. I thought he meant if I was short a dollar or so he’d wave it off but when I got to the cashier he told her it was on the house even after I told him I had enough cash.”

5) Thomzzz wrote, “I was at the post office to ship a package last weekend and needed to reprint my shipping label. The post office was about to close and I was 45 min from my apartment. The nice lady who owned a furniture store next door printed my label for me and it was such a convenience :)”

For More Information: KochiraChiRah, “How have a stranger’s actions tangentially made your life better recently?” Askwomen. Reddit. 21 January 2016


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