“I Didn’t Think There were People like This Anymore”

Before Christmas of 2015, Dean Harwood of West Valley City, Utah, lost his Christmas presents for his three children. The presents fell from the back of a truck, and Dean, who is legally blind, said, “I never thought I’d get this back, I thought they were gone, I thought they were totally gone because I didn’t know where they dropped.” Fortunately, Leticia Broadbent found the presents and contacted Fox 13 News (Salt Lake City, Utah), which broadcast the information that the presents had been found. She said, “There was a couple of remote control trucks, and a little girl’s jacket. I can’t imagine losing my Christmas stuff.” Dean heard the Fox 13 News broadcast and Ms. Broadbent returned the clothes and toys to him. She said, “It’s really heartwarming to me, talking to Dean a little bit, he has his children, to me it feels so good to be able to have his presents back for his children.” Dean had spent over $200 for the presents, and he could not afford to replace the items. He said that he was “very, very grateful. I didn’t think there were people like this anymore.” Ms. Boardbent said, “To lose this many items, and just knowing that people struggle during this time of year. If it was my items that I lost, I would hope that somebody would come forward and turn them in.”

For Further Information: Robert Boyd, “Father grateful to good Samaritan who found lost Christmas gifts along road and returned them.” Fox 13 News (Salt Lake City, Utah). 19 December 2015


For Further Information: Zach Whitney, “Woman searches for rightful owners after bags of gifts found along road in West Jordan.” Fox 13 News (Salt Lake City, Utah). 19 December 2015


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