What Random Act of Kindness Made You (Almost) Cry in Public?

Here are some answers:

1) molly9945 wrote, “Today I was at the gym and upped my weights for my bench press. Well, I was on my last rep of my last set and was NOT gonna make it so I was struggling to get one end at a time on the rack while lying there when a guy came up behind me and lifted the bar off me. He then made sure I was ok and gave me a couple tips! I almost cried from his kindness (and a little embarrassment) and was relieved he just wasn’t a passive aggressive [*]ssh[*]le like one of the guys at my gym has been. Anyways, I said thanks and sat to recover my muscles and also to concentrate on not crying!”

2) itwasthewrongway wrote, “My fiancé and I went to Taco Bell one night when he was homeless, and we had like less than $5 to make a whole meal for both of us and we also had no idea when we’d get money again. We gave the guy at the window the money for our order and my fiancé cracked a joke about how it was our last $5 until payday (which was, like, a week away), and the dude was like, ‘Really? Hmm,’ then looked around behind him and continued with ‘What do you like to drink? And do you like [this menu item], we got some extras back there.’ We told him we love Big Red and we’ll literally eat anything, and he hooked us the f[**]k up. I think we did cry a little. We hadn’t eaten in days.”

RandallRanderson commented, “I’d love to show this story to misogynist [*]ssh[*]les who think women are only with guys for their money. It’s touching, and wonderful.”

3) seriously_stopit wrote, “Not really random, but when I was a teenager, I had a sh[*]tty family life and I didn’t really care about school and my behavior was bad. Teachers didn’t like me, I didn’t like them… I was a huge Beatles fan and one morning the only teacher whom I really liked started telling our class a story about how he once met George Harrison in NYC and George gave him a Let it Be pin because my teacher complimented him on it. He walked up to me in front of everyone, said he didn’t have any kids or family he could give it to and since he knew just how big of a fan I am, he wanted me to have it. That’s seriously the kindest thing someone had ever done for me. I cried hard.”

4) cicadaselectric wrote, “When I worked at Disney, I ended up working nearly every holiday. Christmas is one of their busiest days, and god was I busy. People get mean, they get pushy, they’re aggravated — and I don’t blame them, they’re here on vacation and surrounded by like 80k other people, which is not what they signed up for. But it means I get yelled at and ordered about All. Christmas. Long.

“But on that Christmas evening, out of the literally thousands of people I interacted with, one person — one single, solitary person — thanked me for working on Christmas so they could enjoy theirs. I very nearly cried on the middle of Main Street.”

5) downtownflipped wrote, “A few weeks ago I was at a hockey game and got really drunk. I was yelling and being an extreme fan. I ended up knocking over the guy-I-liked’s food onto his lap and coat. Ketchup, chicken fingers, fries, the whole nine yards. I was so drunk and upset that I ran away from my two friends and took a train home alone… the wrong train actually. I woke up still drunk on the train only to realize I had missed my stop. I started bawling my eyes out quietly as to not attract attention. A bunch of people asked if I was okay, so I told them I would be fine. When I got to the end of the line, I huddled inside one of those glass buildings that keep the wind out. I was on my dying phone trying to reach people when this old guy hovered by me and asked me if I needed help. I don’t like taking help from strangers, so I told him no. He kept coming back and finally said, ‘Listen, I’m waiting for my wife who is on the next train; when she gets here we will get you some help.’

“They ended up picking my drunk [*]ss up off the ground, walking me over to a cab while consoling me, and paying $60 cash to have a cab driver drive me back to my car. I cried all the way home. I’ll never forget the kindness they showed me and plan on paying it forward some day.”

6) RobotSnack, a female, wrote, “A few years ago my younger sister tried to commit suicide and she was hospitalized against her will. At the time she was living in Philadelphia, PA, and I was living in Jacksonville, FL. My sister and I didn’t have a great relationship with my parents at the time, so my sister asked me to sign her out of the hospital and meet with her college’s dean to figure out what to do. I was 23 at the time and in my first semester of law school, so I already had a bit of stress on my plate.

“There was no one to pick me up at the airport, so I had to take the SEPTA [Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority] train from the airport. There wasn’t anywhere to buy a ticket outside, so I figured I could do it once I was on the train. It was pouring down rain and I was lugging a heavy suitcase, along with all the stress of law school, the situation with my sister, and a fight I had been having with my then-boyfriend.

“Once on the train I learned that they took only cash. I panicked because all I had was a debit card and I didn’t want to get kicked off the train. I tried to explain to the conductor what was going on, but she was suspicious because my mailing address didn’t match the address on my license. I was almost in tears when suddenly the man who was sitting behind me handed me the amount I needed for my ticket. That was the first wave of relief I had felt in days.

“I thanked him a hundred times. To this day I have never forgotten him.”

7) paulmcpizza wrote, “No one took my purse or anything inside it when I left it on my car before going into work for an 8-hour shift last Friday.

“I realized halfway through my shift my purse was hanging on my side mirror, and nearly threw up when I got out to my car that night and it hadn’t been touched. My coworker was floored.”

Source: molly9945, “What random act of kindness made you (almost) cry in public?” Askwomen. Reddit. 2 February 2016


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