Nathan Rothschild: A Tremendously Wealthy Man

Nathan Rothschild was a tremendously wealthy man. One day he presented a note from one of his tremendously wealthy brothers and asked the Bank of England to cash it. The Bank of England refused, saying that it cashed its own notes and not those of individuals. “The Rothschilds are not individuals,” said an angry Mr. Rothschild as he left the bank, adding, “If you won’t trust Rothschild notes, I won’t trust yours.” The next morning Mr. Rothschild and nine of his clerks walked into the Bank of England. Each man was carrying Bank of England notes, and each man went to a Bank of England teller and asked that the notes be exchanged for gold. This went on all day, and at the end of the day, the Bank of England’s gold reserves had been lowered by £100,000. The next morning, Mr. Rothschild and nine of his clerks walked into the Bank of England. Each man was again carrying Bank of England notes. The Bank of England Board of Directors quickly held an emergency meeting and decided to honor the notes of the Rothschild brothers.

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