Gay Marriage

Comedian Margaret Cho is strongly in favor of gay marriage. At a rally she met a man who had been married for two days to his partner, a male whom he had been with for a long time. The man told her, “There really is something about wedded bliss.” His eyes filled with tears, and he did not explain what he had said, but he didn’t need to — Ms. Cho, who has a heterosexual marriage, understood. Ms. Cho says about the two married men, “They had glimpsed only the very beginnings of married life, and the taste of it was so deliciously sweet. There can be no wrong here. The way we love can no longer be considered perverse.”

When lesbian comedian Judy Carter was shopping for a wedding ring for her girlfriend, the jewelry store saleslady said, “He’ll love this!” Ms. Carter replied, “He? I’m not marrying a man.” Absolutely unfazed, the saleslady said, “Of course you’re not.” According to Ms. Carter, this “just goes to show that most people don’t care who we’re sleeping with as long as the check doesn’t bounce.”

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