Manda and the Marbles Documentary, and More

Manda and the Marbles Documentary

A look at the history of Manda and the Marbles up until early 2002. Includes exclusive interviews with the Manda Marble, Mark Slak, and Joe A Damage as well previously unreleased live studio performances. At the time the band was still a three piece as this documentary pre-dates the release of the Angels with Dirty Faces album. This documentary highlights the band in an exciting time of uncertainty.

I really enjoyed the live studio performances. Will every band make a documentary like this, please, and put it on YouTube?

HORIZONS: March 2016 Manda Marble Song

Musical Composition by Manda Marble 
Lyrics by Manda Marble 
Manda Marble: vocals, guitars, bass, piano, keys, tambourine, percussion 
Mark Slak: percussion, accordion


Feel the wind as it kisses your cheek, reminds you that you’re still alive

Feel the breeze as it blows away, just like a ripple in time. 

Get back, get back, what can you do? 

No longer are you the same. 

When your world, it feels like an island that you just can’t escape. 

But look to the horizon, there’s a light coming to life. 

And you raise your eyes, up to the sky and realize this is enough. 

Feel the wind as it licks your lips and the sky is turning to grey. 

There’s a voice deep inside your head that pleads you to turn away. 

Look away, look away past the dark to the day you thought you were done.

and the light, it shines upon you now and this moment is ripe to be sung… 

But look to the horizon, there’s a light coming to life 

And you raise your eyes up to the sky and realize this is enough.


released March 6, 2016


“Better Days” by Manda Marble – Official Video

‪Kilby Street: Manda Marble – video

Manda and the Marbles: Lipstick

Manda and the Marbles – “Forget About the Day” Go-Kart Records

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