Wendy Roby and Random Acts of Feminism

Wendy Roby recommends that people engage in random acts of feminism. For example, if “lads’ mags,” which feature photos of nude women, offend you, you can simply go to the stores that sells this kind of “reading” material and put copies of Good Housekeeping in front of these magazines to obscure their covers. A person who goes by the name Charlie Grrl recommends “subvertising” the lads’ mags by adding Post-it notes to the covers. For example, the Post-it notes could say, “Despite my come-hither expression, I wouldn’t shag a Nuts reader for a million pounds” or “I am somebody’s sister.” Another idea: Some prostitutes use calling cards as advertising. Why not make up some of your own and post them where prostitutes post theirs? For example: “Too sad and ugly for a real girlfriend? Call me!” The phone number listed could be for a very expensive psychic hotline. One woman once visited a toy store with her daughters, where they saw a pink castle with a blonde princess in the highest turret. The woman took out a blank card, wrote a message on it, and attached it to the highest turret. The message was this: “Please let me out. I gotta get to work!”

Recommended Reading: Wendy Roby, “Feel riled? Get random!” The Guardian. 18 January 2008 <http://www.guardian.co.uk/g2/story/0,,2242747,00.html>.

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