British Police Inspector Kelvin Shipp: Hero

British Police Inspector Kelvin Shipp, age 55, of Southsea, Hampshire, England, who is an officer in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s stabilization unit, became a hero after being deployed in war-torn South Sudan from September 2014 to September 2015. Sometime during that year, a female United Nations colleague was involved in an accident in which she was in a car that collided with a motorbike. The woman stayed inside the car as an angry mob formed and tried to get her out. Inspector Shipp helped keep her safe by dragging rioters off her car until South Sudanese police could arrive. Helping him was a Dutch officer from the UN, but the mob targeted the Dutch officer and forced him to flee for his safety.

Inspector Shipp said, “My conservative estimate was there were about 60 people around this vehicle. I thought, ‘I can’t leave her here; if they get her out of the car, she’ll get probably quite a beating.’ My guess was that they’d rape her and there was a pretty high probability they’d kill her — and it was all over a minor accident. They were banging their fists on the windows; they were on the bonnet [car hood]. Not surprisingly the woman was in there pretty distressed on the phone. I got out of the car and pushed my way through the crowd. At the same time a Dutch officer arrived and he was there. We were pushing these people back and then six or seven singled him out. He had to run to get away. And it left me in there with this mob. They managed to smash the windscreen of this car trying to get in to this woman. All I was trying to do was drag them off and push them off as best I could, getting pushed and shoved. Luckily they weren’t really focused on me.”

He added, “It was quite a frightening situation. I knew I was isolated. Here in the UK it might be frightening, but you can hear on the radio the control room and units being called up.”

John Wallace, police function manager at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s stabilization unit, said, “He showed a lot of courage by going out and going to the aid of a UN officer, who probably would have been lynched. They were going to cause her serious harm.”

For More Information: Julian Robinson, “British police inspector, 55, is hailed a hero after saving woman from being raped and murdered by 60-STRONG mob in wartorn South Sudan.” Daily Mail (UK). 3 April 2016

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