“What is the Creepiest Thing that has Ever Happened to You?”

Literarylunatic wrote this: “[As I was w]alking home from 7-11 in San Diego, guy parks across street and starts walking behind me asking me incoherent questions, I apologize, ‘I’m new here,’ keep walking. Guy slaps beer out of my hands, puts one arm under my right armpit, uses the right boob as a kind of handle and [puts] the other between my legs and gropes the lady zone and starts dragging me into bushes. I’m awkward and shocked so I start forcefully scolding him: ‘Sir, no, no, sir, nooo.’ Not loudly enough until I realize he’s successfully kidnapping me and likely for nefarious purposes. I yell louder ‘NO!’ Thankfully an off-duty cop was jogging and came running at the guy who dropped me, grabbed my purse, ran, then dropped it and kept running. They found him a few months later, I testified and he went to federal prison. I think he’s out as of last year.

“EDIT: I think my lack of reaction was mostly shock. I honestly did not believe at first there was a threat. When my feet were dragged off the sidewalk and I felt that wet, slick grass under my toes, I figured — ‘Shit, he’s gonna rape & murder me, but I’ve already politely asked him to stop so I guess I’ll have to scream.’ Then it took everything in me to vocalize the scream because I didn’t want to bother the neighborhood with this drama.”

ChewbaccasHairbrush wrote this: “I’ve posted this story before, but I think it definitely fits here so I copied and pasted:

“I used to have a sh[*]t job at a casino that got me working some pretty weird hours. Some days I would work a normal 9-5, others I would go in at 6 PM and not leave until 2 or 3 AM. Not a big deal except by that time in the morning, all the parking spaces around my apartment building would be taken, so I had to park a few blocks away and walk to get to my building. I would park, get my pepper spray and keys in hand, lock my car, and walk the block or two to my building. I never felt like I was in any way unsafe until one night when I found a parking space across the street from my building that happened to be in front of a bar. I pulled into the space and got my keys ready. I noticed a guy smoking in the doorway of the bar, about 5 cars down, but he was looking in the other direction and didn’t seem to care that I was there. I got out of the car and was about halfway across the street before he noticed I was a girl and I heard him yell, ‘Hi, sweetie!’ I ignored him, and that must have p[*]ssed him off, because he yelled, ‘B[*]tch!’ I started sprinting to my building when I heard the sound of him running up behind me. The building I lived in at the time had been built a long time ago, and everything was outdated, including the security system. After 10 PM the doors would lock automatically, and you would have to put a key in the lock and turn it for the doors to open, and it would take FOREVER. I finally got the door opened and had just shut it before he got there and was yanking on the handle and screaming at me.

“My skin was crawling for a few days after that.”

Someone asked if she pepper-sprayed him, so she added, “Honestly, I should have. I always imagined that I would be so calm and bad[*]ss and stand up for myself in a situation like that, should it ever arise. But when the time came, I was so freaked out that all I could do was run.”

Convince-me-please commented, “Years ago I used to run a self-defense-for women class. One of my primary lessons was whatever it is that he wanted to do to you, if you prevent that, you win.

“You performed the most basic lesson. He wanted to catch you. You got away. You win. Whatever other measures you had at your disposal were not needed because of the fleetness of your feet. No need to go all Gladiator on him. Well done.”

 Source: nwhitey12, “What is the creepiest thing that has ever happened to you?” Askreddit. 3 April 1016 <http://tinyurl.com/gmymqpd>.

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