“What is the Most Memorable, in a Good Way, Random Encounter You have had with a Stranger Whom You Haven’t Encountered Since Then?”

Here are some answers:

1) mutantmother wrote, “At Universal Studios years ago. Was dragged by my parents on a tour group filled with old people. I was the only person under 40. [With me s]itting on the tram waiting for the tour to start there were people all dressed up as characters from movies. I was miserable and must have looked it. Frankenstein came up and shook my dad’s hand, growled at my mom, and looked at me. Then he walked away to the hill beside the tram. He came back a few moments later with a tiny bouquet of wildflowers. He bowed in front of me and handed it over. I didn’t stop grinning for the rest of the day. Frankenstein made my 13-year-old heart stutter :)”

2) Songspark wrote, “When I was 11, my dad was in the hospital dying of cancer. I spent all day everyday at the hospital when I wasn’t in school. One day a man delivering flower arrangements saw me and obviously could tell how depressed I was. He pulled a red rose from one of his deliveries and gave it to me.”

Hometowngypsy commented, “People showing kindness when they know you’re sad, but don’t know why, is one of the purest things in humanity, I think. A person sees someone they don’t know who is obviously suffering and takes a second to try and do something to make it a little better. I think that’s beautiful. They aren’t trying to get a story out of it, they’re not trying to turn it around and show how great they are, they’re just trying to show someone that they’re not alone.

“I’m so sorry about your dad. That’s a terrible thing to have gone through at that age. But I’m glad you have at least one good memory from that time.”

3) 1432101232103231 wrote, “This is a group instead of a single person, but anyway: One time there was a bee on the bus, and one person was super terrified. A few people got between her and the bee while another person and I shooed the bee off the bus.

“I feel like we all really bonded that day.”

Leera07 commented, “This one makes me smile. That frightened person could have been me — an honest-to-god phobia does weird things to a person, even when we can rationally understand that it’s nothing to be afraid of. I literally can’t respond appropriately to a bee (of any kind) coming anywhere near me.

“It was kind of you all to help shoo it away, but also to not make fun of her (at least I’m hoping no one did) for being afraid of it!”

4) segmentedcat wrote, “As a little kid, on my first-ever field trip to the zoo, I got separated from my group. I was looking at the lions one minute, and when I looked up everyone was gone.

“I wasn’t supposed to go up to strangers, but I needed help, so I walked up to a woman who was nearby with a little girl about my age and told her I was lost. She took me by the hand and led me back toward the zoo entrance, where we found my group, and being four years old I’m pretty sure I just ran off without saying thank you.

“But I do still remember that, really well. Four was a strangely tumultuous age for me, so the moment of kindness sticks out.”

5) ladydece wrote, “Not exactly a stranger, but I have a person in my life who I am convinced might not be real, but is instead my guardian angel.

“We went to high school together, and he works at the local CVS. I rarely see him around. He isn’t on any kind of social media.

“Demeanor-wise, he has the most soothing presence in any situation. His voice is calm and soft. His smile and laugh are warm. When he looks at you, you can tell he’s listening. When he speaks, it’s genuine. Comforting.

“He appeared in a pinstripe suit at my senior prom, and he showed me how to swing dance. A year later, I saw him outside CVS while I was on my break from work at my sh[*]tty summer job. He talked to me while I shoveled ravioli in my face and he surprised me with how much he remembered. It was over two years until I saw him again, on a train coming back from the city. He was taking classes at a community college. He remembered that I had just graduated, that I had wanted to be a writer. He got off at the same stop as me, but before I could point him out to someone, he’d more or less vanished into the night.

“I’m hoping I see him again soon. But if not, I’ll assume he’s taken his talents and moved on to guard another spiritual realm.”

pithyplatypus commented, “Uhhhh, get his number if you see him again, dude!!”

ladydece responded, “Haha, during our last conversation I kind of picked up that he had a girlfriend… plus I think it would kind of ruin the magic if I could summon his special presence on the phone.”

6) ZugTheMegasaurus wrote, “When I was in college, I woke up one December morning after a night of tossing and turning with horrible back pain and started throwing up. When I saw blood in it, I called my dad and he came to take me to the ER. They concluded it was a stomach bug and sent me home with a prescription for anti-nausea medicine. (Nine hours and another hospital admission later, [the problem] was determined to be my appendix getting ready to burst.)

“My dad and I stopped at Walgreens on the way home to fill my prescription, and when I stepped out of the car, I started throwing up again. Over and over. I waved my dad away and he went sprinting into the pharmacy. I was alone in the freezing parking lot, bent over a pile of steaming vomit, my insides feeling like fire. I couldn’t move without getting covered because it was still coming out of my nose; my glasses had fallen off and I was just standing there crying.

“Out of nowhere, this guy walks up with a huge gallon bag full of individually-wrapped wet wipes. I tried to shoo him away because I was really embarrassed, but he just gave me a kind smile and said, ‘Looks like you’re not feeling too good!’ He started unwrapping the wipes and handing them to me so I could clean myself up. He even picked up my barf-covered glasses and cleaned them for me.

“When my dad came back, he was falling all over himself thanking this guy and tried offering him $20, but the man kept refusing it. ‘We all need help once in a while,’ he said. ‘Get well soon, okay?’ He went back to his truck and I never saw him again, didn’t even catch his name. One of those random acts of kindness that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.”

7) hometowngypsy wrote, “Right after my dad died, my car broke down. Irreparably. I had just graduated college and I had to buy a car quickly so I could load it up and drive 10 hours south to move into my new apartment and start my new job. My dad had always helped me through stuff like that so I was really missing him that day. I got through the car dealership / car loan stuff and got in my newish, and unfamiliar, car to drive home. Traffic was really bad on the way home, and I was uncomfortable in this car and was getting really frustrated because I couldn’t change lanes when a police officer pulled in the lane I was trying to enter and slowed down to make the other cars let me in. I just broke down crying. It was such a small thing, but so needed that day. I just needed someone, somewhere, to show me an ounce of kindness and that officer did.”

For More Information:

AshLyn32, “What is the most memorable, in a good way, random encounter you have had with a stranger who you haven’t encountered since then?” AskWomen. 28 April 2016


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