Peter Ustinov: Wit and Storyteller

Peter Ustinov – the Parkinson Interviews compilation

The late, great man of modern storytelling. As Parkinson said of him “gods gift to talk show hosts”.

This compilation of clips of interviews that parkinson did with him (7 times in all!) shows his wonderful genius as a raconteur and his razor sharp wit. As he said of himself, “I’m betrothed to laughter, the most civilised music in the universe”.

What a poor place the world is now without him, not just for his comedic talent but his tireless humanitarian work with UNESCO & UNICEF.

Sit down, be entertained and be prepared to laugh with one of the great storytellers of modern times.

‪An Audience with Peter Ustinov 1988

Romance Books by Brenda Kennedy (Some Free)

Free PDF book: William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure: A Retelling in Prose by David Bruce

Free PDF book: Honey Badger Goes to Hell — and Heaven by David Bruce

Check out the rest of

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