Amaranthine-Moon: Harley Quinn in a Christopher Nolan Movie


Amaranthine-Moon: Harley Quinn

©2012-2016 Amaranthine-Moon

This is Harley Quinn as she might appear in a Batman movie directed by Christopher Nolan.

You can download the photo here:

Check Out Amarinthine-Moon’s Deviantart page:

and her Deviantart gallery:

By the way, the Harley Quinn makeup and photography was done by her sister: PinkUnicornGoddess

Harley Quinn’s Story (Arkham Series)

With the incredible success of “The Joker’s Story,” you guys have really wanted to see a “Harley Quinn’s Story.” This isn’t just about getting all the scenes Harley Quinn appears in and slapping it together in one edit. We wanted to make sure to edit it in a way that tells a story. Her loneliness, her madness, and her pain. We excluded some things just because they don’t fit, but this is Harley’s story throughout the Arkham series. Thank you for the incredible support and we hope you enjoy the video. All credit goes to the brilliant minds at Rocksteady and WB Montreal. We merely work off their brilliance. If you do enjoy the vid make sure to like, comment and share!

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