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Peter Ustinov: Wit and Storyteller

‪ Peter Ustinov – the Parkinson Interviews compilation The late, great man of modern storytelling. As Parkinson said of him “gods gift to talk show hosts”. This compilation of clips of interviews that parkinson did with him (7 times in … Continue reading

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Bangs: Kill Rock Stars

Right: Sarah Utter: Guitar Left: Maggie Vail: Bass Bangs Record Release Party Super Modern Live Web Stream Record Release Pizza Party at the old Kill Rock Stars office in Olympia! For Bangs 10″ EP Call and Response. September 9th, 2002. … Continue reading

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Unfry: Demo EP Click on Link Above to Hear Unfry’s Demo EP Check Out Unfry Download Resist Psychic Death: 250 Anecdotes and Stories, free, by David Bruce here: Romance Books by Brenda Kennedy (Some Free) Check out the rest of

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Phmiadema’s First Cosplay Photo: “Their Story”

Phmiadema’s First Cosplay Photo Title: “Their Story” Characters:  Sun Jing by Bonny Qui Tong by Manka Photographer: Phmiadema Editor: Phmiadema You can download this excellent photo here: Phmiadema’s DeviantArt Site: Phmiadema is Misha Klimov Artist | Hobbyist | … Continue reading

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William Shakespeare’s “Richard II”: A Retelling in Prose

This is an easy-to-read retelling of William Shakespeare’s “Richard II.” People who read this version first will find the original play much easier to read and understand. An excerpt: — 2.2 — The Queen, Bushy, and Bagot spoke together in … Continue reading

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