“The Right Thing to Do is Stop and Ask, ‘Are You OK?’ What if that was Your Daughter or Loved One Who was Attacked?”

On 24 April 2016, three heroes chased after and captured a man following an alleged sexual assault on a bike path in the Brunswick suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The sexual assault was alleged to have occurred within 300 meters of where Jill Meagher was raped and murdered by a serial rapist in September 2012. One hero was a man who heard a 31-year-old woman yelling as he was riding home from a football (American soccer) match. He said, “Initially I thought it was a couple having an argument, so I thought I’d stop and ask, ‘Is everything OK?’” The alleged sexual attacker was reported to have wrestled the woman to the ground as she shouted that he was attempting to rape her. On his bicycle, the witness chased the alleged sexual attacker; two other men joined him in the chase. They captured the alleged sexual attacker and restrained him as they called 0-0-0, Australia’s emergency number. The hero on the bicycle said, “We all tackled him to the ground and he was so strong, it took three [of us] to hold him down. This guy was ranting and raving. This guy was not with it.” Police arrested the alleged sexual offender. The hero on the bicycle, who works in mental health, said, “The right thing to do is stop and ask, ‘Are you OK?’ What if that was your daughter or loved one who was attacked? I was the right person at the right time, and I had a lot of support from those two guys.”

For More Information: Natasha Christian, “Good Samaritans rescue woman from alleged sex attacker in Melbourne.” Yahoo7. 26 April 2016


For More Information: Tammy Mills, “Good Samaritans arrest alleged sex attacker in Brunswick.” The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia). 26 April 2016


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