IveGotThatLovingFeeling: “Doing good with the little I’ve got.”

Made Her Cry

Source: IveGotThatLovingFeeling, “Doing good with the little I’ve got.” Imgur. 5 July 2016


On 5 July 2016, Imgurian IveGotThatLovingFeeling posted a Success Kid meme on, of course, Imgur with this heading: “Doing good with the little I’ve got.” The text on the meme stated this: MET A CASHIER AT HYVEE YESTERDAY WHO HAD TO WORK ON THE 4TH AND ALASO THE 5TH / MADE HER CRY AT WORK TODAY.”

This is the story behind the meme:

“So yesterday, a friend and I were gathering some smore’s stuff at our local Hyvee. We met a young gal who was our cashier, about our age (20’s or so) who had to not only work on the 4th, but also the day after–a 12 hour shift. I tried to make her night by saying tomorrow will be the best day ever!

“Although my words felt a bit empty as we left, today I decided to go to a local restaurant that is one of the nicest places in the city. I bought her a $20 gift certificate with the remainder of my cash that I had from my splurging money from last month, went back to the Hyvee and gave it to her at the cash register. As I handed it over, I said, “I told you today was going to be a great day. Thanks for being awesome.”

“I was however, not prepared for the water-works, but she thanked me a lot afterwards. I hope she has a great meal, and also a great remainder of her day/week. If you can see this Jenna, you are awesome!”

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