“Women of Reddit: What’s the Most Ridiculous Thing You’ve had to Do to Get a Guy to Leave You Alone?”

Here are some answers:

1) Sammichface wrote, “I had a guy who wouldn’t leave me alone at a San Diego [California] trolley station. It was late at night and I was 17 and alone. I walked up to the biggest, scariest-looking guy there and pretended like he was my friend. I even gave him a huge hug. Luckily, he immediately understood what was happening and played along with it.

“After about two minutes of me talking to the big dude, the creepy stalker guy left. I thanked the big dude profusely and he was super cool about it. He said I wasn’t the first girl he’s had to play along with in order to scare off a creeper.”

2) childerolande wrote this:

“Called his grandmother.

“I was working at a diner in college after moving back to my hometown. I reconnect with a childhood friend, have some polite conversation but maintain strict boundaries.

“Then he started showing up at my workplace. Every single day.

“And hit on me relentlessly.

“It got to the point where he would come in, buy a coffee or a soda, and then hang out for hours until my shift was over so he could follow me to my car. I wasn’t allowed to kick him out of the diner because ‘hey, he’s a paying customer!’ And I didn’t think I could call the cops. I told him over and over and over again to leave me alone, but of course, nothing. At one point he went into the diner while I was in class (because of course he had memorized my schedule like a creepy little worm) and convinced my boss that he was my cousin and he had to get my phone number from her because ‘our’ grandmother had had an accident.

“That was the final straw. I went home, called my great-grandma and got her to pull his grandmother’s phone number out of her address book. We had a great talk and she put the beat down on him I guess, because I never saw him again after that.”

3) fresifantastica wrote this:

“After I broke up with my abusive ex, he started stalking me. He made a hundred different social media accounts so he could insult and threaten me after I blocked him. He would call my friends and even members of my family to tell them lies about me, in a way that they would pity him and hate me (didn’t work). He even went to my current bf’s workplace and made a huge fool out of himself in front of tons of people — he threatened my boyfriend, punched some wall and bawled his eyes out. All of this in front of my boyfriend’s co-workers.

“Things took an even scarier turn when his friends warned me, telling me that my ex was following all of my movements and that he knew where I was at all times. Turns out some friend of mine whom I thought I was able to trust betrayed my safety and basically gave him my whole schedule. I know it was true because they sent me screenshots of a group chat, where some people I didn’t even know discussed how big of a whore I was because I was seen exiting my boyfriend’s house. Because yeah, I can’t move on with my life after being in a really short relationship with a manipulative psycho without being followed and labeled as a ‘whore.’

“I got really scared and didn’t know what to do. At this point he was basically following me and gathering other people to talk sh[*]t; people who could possibly hurt me. I told him to f[**]k off for the hundreth time and warned him that I was going to the police if he didn’t cut the stalking. He laughed. That was the last straw. I was not only scared but infuriated.

“And that’s when I thought, ‘F[**]k [calling the] police. I tried to deal with this, but this guy is just trying me. He’ll see what’s good.’ And so I called his mom.

“Never heard a single word from him again.”

Pondglow commented, “I’ve also done this after an ex started following me around, calling my friends and family, etc. The mum card is super effective.”

4) xoxoscharlettwrote, “When I was a junior in high school, a friend of mine introduced me to one of his friends. I talked to him every now and then. He said he was interested in me. I politely let him know I didn’t reciprocate his feelings.

“Then the texts started. For a few weeks he would text me very explicit things constantly. This was before blocking was a thing. One night my dad saw I was upset and asked me what was wrong. I told him. My dad is a psychiatrist. He can stay alarmingly calm in almost any situation and he’s used to dealing with crazy people. So my dad ended up calling this guy and calmly explained to him that he needed to tell his parents about harassing me because the police were going to be showing up at his house soon. The guy started crying and I never heard from him again.”

5) Jaggedrain wrote this:

“I got my boss to shout at him.

“I worked in a China shop just after I left school and this guy showed up every day for weeks begging me to go out with him, telling me how pretty I am, etc. It got to the point where I was afraid to go to work because he’d started to hint that bad things could happen to girls who aren’t nice… so I told my boss (using my two words of Chinese and a lot of sign language because Wang spoke zero English) and when he came in she started shouting at him in Chinese.

“I want you to picture the scene. Six-foot black man with muscles on his muscles being chased out of a tiny Chinese shop by an even tinier Chinese lady with a broom who is yelling at the top of her lungs. I’m pretty sure that the sea couldn’t have washed him clean of what she said to him.

“It’s a treasured memory to this day…”

6) Titaniumcat wrote, “Okay this is heavy and I’ve never told anyone because it makes me feel ridiculous… Anyway. I was at a party in college, out at this girl’s house in the middle of nowhere and everyone was drinking. I had too much and needed fresh air and to grab my purse so I went out and sat behind my car. This guy came out and sat next to me. He was in my English class, so I knew him but we never really talked. Long story short, he hit on me, I rejected him, and he flipped sh[*]t and forced me into my back seat to try to rape me. I was parked far enough away and in the dark so no one saw and he had my mouth covered and all my drunk brain could think was that awful advice of ‘pee yourself and your attacker will be grossed out and leave.’ So I did. And he had his hand forced down my pants so it got all over his hand. He was pretty grossed out. Slapped me with the pee hand, called me a ‘sick b*tch’ and left. I was too embarrassed to go back in covered in p[*]ss so I just left. I drove home drunk and ashamed and crying. Luckily I made it there safe. I took a shower and laughed at myself and cried. So yeah, probably the farthest I’ve gone to get rid of a guy….”

Source: Stripedbuttondown, “[Serious] Women of Reddit: what’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve had to do to get a guy to leave you alone?” Askreddit. 10 July 2016


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