“I have So Many Scars on My Body, But I’m Sure I’ll be Proud of These”


Source: Vasanth Paul. Facebook Post. 22 July 2016


On 22 July 2016, Vasanth Paul of Chennai, India, drove home after seeing a movie titled Kabali. He had to urinate, so he stopped his vehicle [apparently a motorbike], but he heard a noise that at first he thought was an animal, but then he heard a girl ask for help. Three men were getting ready to rape the woman. He fought the three men, one of whom attempted to strangle him with a rope. He was forced to call for help, and the driver of an auto rickshaw came and helped him fight off the three men, who escaped but who did not succeed in their attempt to rape the woman, who did not want a police report filed.

After Mr. Paul’s Facebook post about the incident went viral, he tried to find the spot where the incident had occurred but was unable to. He said, “I have been co-operating with the police and took them to the place where I thought it happened. I am not able to identify the exact spot.” Police Deputy Commissioner of Police Kalyan said, “As far as the police is concerned, the case is closed as we are unable to trace the victim or the autorickshaw driver either.”

Mr. Paul provided a few more details about the incident: “I was travelling from T.Nagar to Chromepet at around 11:30 pm on Friday. I took a detour through Alandur to avoid the main road. I took a left before the Royal Meridian. I stopped on my way to take a leak. I heard some noise which sounded like moaning. I thought it must have been an animal or someone with a sex worker. But seconds after I switch on my bike the noise increased. I heard the person crying for help. I pointed my headlight at the direction from where the noise was coming.”

He said that while he was fighting the would-be rapists, “Meanwhile the woman ran away. I thought she had escaped. But she got back within two minutes. She was the one who got the auto driver. The auto driver helped chase the men away.”

This is the lightly edited text of Vasanth Paul’s 22 July 2016 Facebook post:

“I have so many scars on my body, but I’m sure I’ll be proud of these… Today was just a wonderful day, I got to watch Kabali, first day, first show … met a couple of my close friends … had a beautiful time … and when I was returning back home, I took a detour at Alandur, to avoid the f[**]ked-up roads between the underpass and the airport during their renovating hours … I generally try to get past this before they shut it down … I’m glad I didn’t … on my way I stopped by to pee (I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold it) and extended my stop for a smoke … right behind me was an empty piece of land and I heard mourning sounds combined with sounds of resistance … for a few seconds, I thought it was a cat or some kinda animal making out, not longer did I realize it were human … I tried walking away but instantly heard a faint drugged cry saying ‘bachao [Hindi for help] … please help … annaannaanna.’ I immediately shouted out angrily and jumped in hoping a passerby would hear and join to help … There were 3 guys, none of them from the south. (I know this cos I can understand all four languages spoken in the south.) It wasn’t normal Hindi, it had some kinda accent to it … not sure though …

“The moment I jumped in, a guy engaged in a fist fight and I could see a girl drugged full on and two guys trying to undress her … within seconds I was strangled by the other with a thick jute rope … the more I tried repelling, the more it cut through and intense the situation became … thankfully I was able to create enough time and space for the girl to get out and get an autowala’s [an auto rickshaw driver’s] attention … he stopped right away and ran in to my rescue … he beat the sh[*]t out of those bastards and saved our [*]ss … but they ran off … it took me a bit to breathe normal. No police case was filed as per her request … the sad thing was I circled the area for the next half hour and I couldn’t find a single cop to even notify of this event … but my friends are on the lookout for those c[*]nts as I type … we’ll get to you bastards soon enough …

“Moral of the story:

“Don’t be afraid to face a situation, just cos you’re alone … if the cause is right, the world would join you right away!!!!!

“Stay safe, people … and look out for one another!!”

For More Information: “HomeNewsNationTrue hero: brave Chennai man risks life to save woman from abusers.” Onmanorama. 23 July 2016


For More Information: “Chennai model Vasanth Paul’s Facebook post about gangrape attempt makes police go in circles: Police say that Vasanth Paul is unable to locate the spot where the incident happened.” The News Minute. 25 July 2016


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