Superintendent of Police Sanjiv Tyagi: Hero

On 11 June 2016, a woman and her daughter boarded an AC bus traveling from Nainital to Delhi, India. The bus driver and four staff members started acting inappropriately toward the two females as they traveled, so the woman attempted to contact UP and Uttarakhand police control room, but she was unsuccessful in getting help. She searched the Internet and found the contact number for police officer Sanjiv Tyagi, SP, Rampur. She called him and said, “I am traveling from Nainital towards Delhi in a bus, UP 21 5252, whose current location is in Rampur [UP]. The bus staff and some ruffians are misbehaving with us. They are drinking alcohol. I have been trying to contact police control room but not getting any assistance. We require immediate help.” Mr. Tyagi told her not to disconnect the phone but to keep it hidden. He then led a team of police to rescue the woman and her daughter. They were physically unhurt. SP Sanjiv Tyagi said, “The police have registered an FIR [Field Investigation Report?] as per her complaint and arrested five men and escorted the traumatized woman to her hometown.”

For Further Information: “UP: Cop rescues woman from sexual assault attempt in moving bus.” ABP News Bureau. 13 June 2016 <;.

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