singh_sahil24:  What’s the Kindest Thing a Stranger has Done for You?

Here are some answers:

1) PolkaDancingPig wrote this:

“In June, my husband and I learned that his grandmother was dying. We were told to get home as soon as possible.

“He was 8 hours away, doing a training thing. He got home the next day, and we sped to the airport to try to make our flight. (It’s about a 12-hour drive from where we live to our hometown, so flying was the best option.)

“I learned the first flight was delayed, and we’d miss the connection. I got in line to talk to the agent, and the guy in front of me let me cut in front.

“By this point, I’m near tears. The agent told me there was nothing he could do. We rebooked the flight for the next morning, I lost it. The guy who let me cut in line told me there was another flight leaving and told me the terminal, and we ran as fast as we could to that gate.

“We made it, and the agent listened to our story. She asked us to sit down, and she’d find seats.

“She found us seats. We got there in time.

“She passed away early the next morning. If it wasn’t for those two people, we wouldn’t have made it.”

2) Onocentaurus wrote, “I have a few mental health issues, and am prone to bouts of brooding and staring into space when waging war on the demons in my head. I was sitting at a table outside of a grocery store at night waiting for a friend to get back to me about hanging out and happened to get lost in thought. I have the male equivalent of resting bitch face and as a large hairy mansquatch, I apparently can come off as quite intimidating. So here I am, in the dark, staring off into space when this adorable young woman, maybe 18 or so, walks by with a box of pizza. (She worked at the pizzeria.) She notices my 1000-yard stare and just stops. She looks at me, and without provocation [encouragement] says, ‘Hey, man. I don’t know what’s going on in your life right now, but pizza usually helps with anything. Please, have a slice. I got it for my family but you look like you could use a slice.’ And she handed me a slice of delicious and fresh pepperoni pizza. I was shocked, but managed to eek out a thank you and flash a nervous smile as she smiled and walked off. It was such a random and small act of kindness but with where I was in life at the time — it’s still one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had. I’ll never forget that. Little things really can make a big impact. Whoever you are, pizza girl, I owe you one.”

3) Bmac977 wrote, “I was driving from Buffalo, NY, to my parent’s house on Long Island (about a 7-hour drive) on Thanksgiving day in 2003. I got a flat tire somewhere just before Binghamton, which was about half way. It wasn’t just a flat; the tire basically shredded. I was able to get a donut on there and limp into a nearby town, hoping beyond hope that something was open so I could change my tire. NOTHING was. I even stopped in a police station, and the cops basically told me I was screwed and that I should find someplace to stay the night. As I was driving around some more, the donut blew and I was on the rim. I left the car on the side of the road and just started walking to this house, hoping to use their phone to let my parents know. The elderly woman who lived there invited me into her home, let me use their phone, and then called her son who owned a used car lot. On Thanksgiving, this woman and her family took 2 or 3 hours of their holiday to tow my car to this used car lot, replace the wheel for free, and sent me on my way with some pie.”

4) PmMeSteamGiftCards wrote this:

“I was in a bookstore a few years ago, and while walking through a store, I passed a group of girls. One was telling the others a story. In the middle of their conversation, she just stopped, looked at me, and said, ‘You’re cute,’ then continued talking with her friends.

“That was maybe 3 years ago, and I still remember it, just because of how random and kind it was.”

5) NikkoE82 wrote, “When I was 13 or 14, my step-dad took me for an eye exam to get new glasses. After the exam, I’m alone with the optometrist for a little bit while he shows me some new lightweight, titanium frames. I think they’re pretty cool. My step-dad comes in and starts belittling me in front of the optometrist because our insurance won’t cover frames like that. As if I was supposed to just know that. The optometrist then gets out this clunky, wooden box with the few cheap frames our insurance would cover. I pick some frames and figure that’s that. Then the optometrist pulls me aside and asks if I want the nicer titanium frames. I tell him yes. He paid for them. I never really got a chance to thank him for that, and I never saw him again.”

6) pdeaver9018 wrote, “Not me but my brother. When my brother was in 8th grade, they had a class trip to Disney planned where they’d be staying for a few days. As you can imagine, that’s a pretty expensive trip. Well, our family was never really well off. We didn’t have a lot of money to just throw around, but my brother really wanted to go because all of his friends were going. Also, going to Disney with your family is one thing, but going to Disney with just your friends… that’s a whole new level of excitement and fun. Well one day, my mom gets a call from the school saying that someone had paid off my brother’s fees for the trip. My mom didn’t have to pay a cent. We never have found out who paid it off.”

7) Isohedra wrote, “One time I got a pure strain of the flu… I was driving to school (hour-long drive) before I realized I was really sick. I almost swerved out of my lane with onset of severe nausea and dizziness and had to pull over on a busy highway. A police officer (Juarez) instantly appeared and I was like, ‘Oh, sh[*]t, what did I do?’ but he was genuinely concerned. I started projectile-vomiting and he held my hair back for me for a good while, while I vomited my guts, and then drove me to the nearest ER ASAP [Emergency Room As Soon As Possible] where I needed an IV and drugs for two days. I was 125lbs before and 112lbs after that flu… I love you, officer J, and don’t think I’d be alive if not for you.”

Source: singh_sahil24, “What’s the kindest thing a stranger has done for you?” Reddit. 20 September 2016 <>.

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