“What’s Your Story About Someone Saving You from an Unwanted Person Hitting on You?”

Here are some answers:

1) lady_moods wrote, “One night in college, I was walking home. I was in the nightlife area right by campus, only a couple of blocks from my apartment. Some guy (30s-ish) asks to bum a cigarette, which then leads to him being all, ‘So what’s going on tonight, beautiful? You busy? You got a boyfriend?’ Me being young and afraid to anger a strange man, I sort of play along, uncomfortable and trying to break away but wanting to play it off naturally.

“At one point someone rode past on their bike. They slowed down and stopped about half a block up. They turned around and stared back at us — it was too dark to see their face or who they were, but we could both see that they were there. They stayed like that until the guy left me alone.

“I guess this is more of a street harassment story than getting hit on, but I will forever be grateful for that person just watching out for a stranger.”

2) OtterPunch wrote, “I was coming home from like an indie club on the bus at 1 a.m. in my college town. The bus is nearly empty when I get on with a few people, including this one guy who won’t stop staring at me. As the bus leaves, he asks if I mind if he sits next to me. The bus is nearly empty, so I said I’d mind, I’d like to put my purse there. He sits in front of me, instead.

“The entire bus ride, the dude will not stop talking to me. I clearly don’t want to talk, but he keeps talking at me, and asking me about my classes, what I’m into, what I like. I give pretty short, but polite answers, hoping he’ll get the hint. Nope, he keeps talking and telling me how beautiful I am and how I seem so smart and cool and nice. Made me really uncomfortable, especially since I’m barely answering the dude, so how could he know any of that stuff? I even drop the boyfriend bomb — my beau was home sick — and the dude continues unfazed.

“Get to about three stops before mine and the bus takes ‘a break’ where they wait about 10-15 min because they’re running fast on the route. The route sort of doubles back, so I’m pretty close to my apartment. At this point, there’s only one other person on the bus besides me, the dude, and the bus driver. I say, ‘Well, I’m pretty close, I don’t want to wait the fifteen minutes, I’m just getting off here.’ Mostly to get away from this creep. But the dude asks if he can stop by my place! ‘No, no, I’m going to sleep, I’m fine.’ So he says, ‘Oh, I wouldn’t want a pretty girl to walk home alone. I’ll walk you.’ HELL. NO. I do NOT want this dude knowing exactly where I live, let alone walking me home.

“I was young and terrified of being rude, so I just kept saying, ‘No I’m fine. Just stay here. Please, I’m fine.’ He’s insisting. Then the bus driver, who apparently was watching the entire ride, yells, ‘Boy, she said she was fine. If you get off this bus, I swear I’ll call the cops.’

“Best bus driver ever.”

3) Jado234 wrote, “I’m usually the deterrent to persistent dudes when out with a group of friends, but one night this ‘gentleman’ would not quit. An abbreviated summary of the conversation went something like:

“Him: ‘Hey, can I borrow your glasses?’

“Me: ‘… No.’

“Him: ‘C’mon, please?’

“Me: ‘No. I need them to see. Get the f[**]k out of here.’

“And with ongoing protests from this guy, my lovely, beautiful best friend (on the right side of four vodka-sodas) just came up in between us repeatedly hollering ‘BYE!’ until he quit.

“When I thanked her and told her I would have handled it, her response was, ‘Nobody messes with my lady!’ as she proceeded to bend over and keep dancing.”

4) Robinspeakeasy wrote, “I was 17. This guy catcalled me outside a store. I told him to shut up. He laughed. When I came out the store, the guy was gone. Another man, much older, came up to me and told me he overheard the exchange, and couldn’t stand to see the guy harassing people. So the older man told the first guy to leave or he would call the police.

“Now, I’ve been harassed from 14 onwards and it is the only time in my life anyone stood up for me.”

5) fishielicious wrote, “I was in Russia studying abroad and went to a club with a bunch of friends and one guy who was a friend of a friend. Some random, giant Russian dude was hitting on me aggressively all night. The friend of a friend was this French guy who did not look intimidating at all. He pretended to be my boyfriend and kept interrupting the other guy to talk to me in French (which I do not speak). He helped me get away from the other guy and I actually was pretty attracted to him…. But then it turned out that he was gay. Luckily he didn’t need anyone to save him from me hitting on him, though.”

6) IvyKingslayer wrote, “TL;DR bathroom attendant saves the day.

“1st year at uni, guy would not leave me alone in a bar. Started with just dancing near me, then dancing on me (shudder), then he’d follow me to the bar, wait outside the bathroom. I was in a big group of people and we didn’t really know each other so I guess they thought I knew this stranger.

“So I’m in the bathroom in tears because I’m freaking out a bit. The bathroom attendant sits me down, gives me a lollipop, and asks me to describe one of my friends. She finds them and explains what is going on.

“When I come out of the bathroom, they’re all there and immediately create a human wall, separating this guy from me. He starts kicking off, they begin to walk as a group towards the exit, forcing him towards the bouncers. They quickly kick him out for trying to start a fight.

“So the bathroom attendant saved the day (we gave her a great tip to say thank you). From then on, if any of us were receiving unwanted attention we’d text/tell/suggest through interpretive dance ‘lollipop’ and we would protect each other.”

7) ChainRepulsion wrote, “Hasn’t happened to me, but I did save someone one time.

“I was out with two friends at a bar; it was a Sunday evening so very few people out. We three started chatting with two random dudes and invited them to sit with us, so we were five people laughing and having fun. This girl comes in, orders a beer, and sits down in a booth. Within 5 minutes a creepy guy who has been sitting alone and staring at every woman in the bar sits down next to her, really close, with his arm sort of behind her on the sofa’s back support, and it is really obvious the girl doesn’t know the guy and he is VERY close to her, talking to her while she stares down into the table and barely replies. She looks up, catches my eye, and I yell, ‘HOLY SH[*]T! IT’S YOU! I HAVEN’T SEEN YOU FOR AGES! HOW HAVE YOU BEEN? COME SIT WITH US!’ and smile. She grabbed her beer and coat and quickly came over, leaving the creepy guy behind. She thanked me, and told us she had missed her bus, which leaves every two hours, so she just came into the bar to keep warm.”

8) Aaaaanimaaaaniacs wrote, “Probably no one will see this, and I have told it before.

“I was 17, and this older guy (maybe 50) started talking to me while waiting for a train. All I wanted to do was read my book, but I was too polite to ignore him.

“By the time we get on the train, I realize I made a mistake.

“I could smell the beer on him, and he put his arm on me, heavy as a rock, and kept trying to kiss me. Actually he did, on my cheek because I turned away.

“He followed me through my transfer, even though I tried to lose him. By this point I am terrified and just waiting to have [enough] signal to call my dad.

“Well, a few different men noticed my distress, started asking if I was okay. But I was scared and didn’t want a scene; I just wanted to call my dad. They were persistent, and finally asked the best question I wouldn’t immediately brush off — ‘Do you know him?’ I said no, and so they all grabbed/pushed him off the train, loudly making sure everyone knew not to let him back on.

“I wish so much I knew who they were, so I could tell them how much it meant to me. I think that’s why I tell this story whenever I can, in the hopes that maybe my thanks will find them, and that it can encourage other people to protect those who look scared.

“I’ve had so many bad experiences with random men, but this is always my reminder that ‘all men [are alike]’ is a fallacy.

“So to you strangers from years ago, I still thank you.”

Source: PM-YO-STORIES, “What’s your story about someone saving you from an unwanted person hitting on you?” Reddit. 11 October 2016



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