Trump and Clinton: Position Papers on Education

Voters want to know about the presidential candidates’ positions on the issues. The information is at least partially out there, but voters need to be willing to search for and read it.

Donald Trump has position and policy papers here:

and some videos here:

Hillary Clinton has many position and policy papers here:


The below is Hillary Clinton’s position paper on higher education:

“Hillary has a comprehensive plan to put higher education within reach for all Americans, and take on the crisis of student debt.

“Costs won’t be a barrier

  • “• Every student should have the option to graduate from a public college or university in their state without taking on any student debt. By 2021, families with income up to $125,000 will pay no tuition at in-state four-year public colleges and universities. And from the beginning, every student from a family making $85,000 a year or less will be able to go to an in-state four-year public college or university without paying tuition.
  • “• All community colleges will offer free tuition.
  • “• Everyone will do their part. States will have to step up and invest in higher education, and colleges and universities will be held accountable for the success of their students and for controlling tuition costs.
  • “• A $25 billion fund will support historically black colleges and universities, Hispanic-serving institutions, and other minority-serving institutions in building new ladders of opportunity for students.
  • “• The one-quarter of all college students who are also parents will get the support they need and the resources they deserve.
  • “Debt won’t hold you back
  • “• Borrowers will be able to refinance loans at current rates, providing debt relief to an estimated 25 million people. They’ll never have to pay back more than 10 percent of their income, and all remaining college debt will be forgiven after 20 years.
  • “• Delinquent borrowers and those in default will get help to protect their credit and get back on their feet.
  • “• To reduce the burden for future borrowers, Hillary will significantly cut interest rates so the government never profits from college student loans.
  • “• Hillary’s plan will crack down on predatory schools, lenders, and bill collectors.
  • “• A new payroll deduction portal for employers and employees will simplify the repayment process—and Hillary will explore more options to encourage employers to help pay down student debt.
  • “• Aspiring entrepreneurs will be able to defer their loans with no payments or interest for up to three years. Social entrepreneurs and those starting new enterprises in distressed communities will be eligible for up to $17,500 in loan forgiveness.
  • “• Hillary will take immediate executive action to offer a three-month moratorium on student loan payments to all federal loan borrowers. That will give every borrower a chance to consolidate their loans, sign up for income-based repayment plans, and take advantage of opportunities to reduce their monthly interest payments and fees.

“Fully paid for: This plan will be fully paid for by limiting certain tax expenditures for high-income taxpayers.”



The below Donald Trump’s position paper on K-12 and Higher Education:


  • “• Immediately add an additional federal investment of $20 billion towards school choice. This will be done by reprioritizing existing federal dollars.
  • “• Give states the option to allow these funds to follow the student to the public or private school they attend. Distribution of this grant will favor states that have private school choice, magnet schools and charter laws, encouraging them to participate.

“• Establish the national goal of providing school choice to every one of the 11 million school aged children living in poverty.

  • “• If the states collectively contribute another $110 billion of their own education budgets toward school choice, on top of the $20 billion in federal dollars, that could provide $12,000 in school choice funds to every K-12 student who today lives in poverty.
  • “• Work with Congress on reforms to ensure universities are making a good faith effort to reduce the cost of college and student debt in exchange for the federal tax breaks and tax dollars.
  • “• Ensure that the opportunity to attend a two or four-year college, or to pursue a trade or a skill set through vocational and technical education, will be easier to access, pay for, and finish.


  • “• At the state and federal level, the United States spends more than $620 billion on K-12 education each year. That’s an average of about $12,296 for every student enrolled in our elementary and secondary public schools.
  • “• We spend more per student than almost any other major country in the world. Yet, our students perform near the bottom of the pack for major large advanced countries.
  • “• Our students continue to lag behind their peers worldwide in knowledge gained. [American Federation for Children Growth Fund]
  • “• Among 34 Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development nations, the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) found 27 countries outperformed U.S students in math. [National Center for Education Statistics]
  • “• The same assessment found 17 countries outperformed U.S. students in reading. [National Center for Education Statistics]
  • “• Our largest cities spend some of the largest amounts of money on public schools:

“New York City spends $20,226 per student.

“Baltimore spends $15,287 per student.

“Chicago spends $11,976 per student.

“Los Angeles spends $10,602 per student.

  • “• School choice is vital to reverse inequities in education and failing government schools in Democrat-controlled inner cities. According to the National Assessment of Education Progress, only one in six African-American students in the eighth grade are considered proficient in math and reading. In 2016, over 2 million high school graduates took the ACT:

“45 percent of all students tested met three or more benchmarks related to college preparedness.

“Only 11 percent of African American students tested met three or more of the benchmarks for college and career readiness. [The Condition of College and Career Readiness, 2016]

“It is time for school choice to help free children from failing government schools and close the achievement gap. School choice is the civil rights issue of our time.


  • “• Hillary opposes school choice, furthering education inequities in America and denying low-income African-American and Latino children the future they deserve.
  • “• Hillary Clinton claims Donald Trump’s school choice proposal would “decimate public schools across America.”

“It is no surprise Mrs. Clinton opposes school choice because she is supported by the staunchest opponents of school choice – The American Federation of Teachers super PAC – which donated $1.6 million to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation and more than $2 million to Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign. [Wall Street Journal, June 28, 2016]”



The below is Hillary Clinton’s position paper on K-12 education:

“Hillary Clinton believes that every child, no matter his or her background, should be guaranteed a high-quality education. That’s why she has been working to improve and support our public schools for decades, but our work isn’t done. Hillary will ensure that every child can fulfill his or her God-given potential.

“As president, Hillary will:

  • “Launch a national campaign to modernize and elevate the profession of teaching. America is asking more of our educators than ever before. They are preparing our kids for a competitive economy, staying on top of new pedagogies, and filling gaps that we as a country have neglected—like giving low-income kids, English-language learners, and kids with disabilities the support they need to thrive. We ask so much of our educators, but we aren’t setting them up for success. That’s why Hillary will launch a national campaign to elevate and modernize the teaching profession, by preparing, supporting, and paying every child’s teacher as if the future of our country is in their hands—because it is.
  • “Provide every student in America an opportunity to learn computer science. There are more than half a million open jobs that require computing skills—across the country and in every major industry. But the majority of schools in the United States don’t offer computer science. Hillary will provide states and school districts funding to help scale computer science instruction and lesson programs that improve student achievement or increase college enrollment and completion in CS Ed fields.
  • “Rebuild America’s schools. In cities and rural communities across America, there are public schools that are falling apart—schools where students are learning in classrooms with rodents and mold. That’s unacceptable, and it has to change. That’s why Hillary will build on the highly successful Build America Bonds program to provide cities and towns the capital they need to rebuild their schools. These ‘Modernize Every School Bonds’ will double the Build America Bonds subsidy for efforts to fix and modernize America’s classrooms—from increasing energy efficiency and tackling asbestos to upgrading science labs and high-speed broadband.
  • “Dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline. Schools should be safe places for students to learn and grow. But in too many communities, student discipline is overly harsh—and these harsh measures disproportionately affect African American students and those with the greatest economic, social, and academic needs. Hillary will work to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline by providing $2 billion in support to schools to reform overly punitive disciplinary policies, calling on states to reform school disturbance laws, and encouraging states to use federal education funding to implement social and emotional support interventions.

“Hillary has been working to improve and support our public schools for decades:

  • “• As a young law student working for Marian Wright Edelman, Hillary went undercover to investigate ‘segregation academies’ in Alabama.
  • “• As first lady of Arkansas, she chaired the Arkansas Educational Standards Commission, fighting to raise academic standards, increase teacher salaries, and reduce class sizes.
  • “• As first lady of the United States, she chaired the first-ever convening on Hispanic children and youth, which focused on improving access to educational opportunities.

“• As a U.S. senator, she served on the Senate Health, Education and Labor Committee, as a key member shaping the No Child Left Behind Act, with the hope that it would bring needed resources and real accountability to improve educational opportunities for our most disadvantaged students.”



For more information on the two candidates, check out


By the way, early voting has started in Ohio.

Also by the way:

The making of Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump (

Hillary has spent the past five decades fighting for kids and families. Trump has spent five decades lining his own pockets. Shuffle through the years to see what each candidate has been up to since they began their careers.

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