Keanu Reeves: God Tier Class Act

ZOMGiEF wrote this: “Went to see Keanu Reeves’s band play the Viper Room in the 90s before the joint shut down. My friend’s older brother knew the management, so we got to stick around after the show. I got to talk to Keanu for a couple of minutes; the dude was chill as f[**]k, exactly like you’d think.

“As we were leaving the venue, we all exited through the same door and Keanu saw this homeless guy begging for change outside. He walked up to him and gave him a wad of cash and handed him his coat just like that. My gut tells me the coat wasn’t cheap either; it looked expensive. This was during winter and I remember it being pretty cold even for LA.

“God tier class act, been a huge fan since that night.”

Source: Storytellerbobfan, “People who have met celebrities, how were they in real life?” Reddit. 18 October 2016

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