What Do You Think is the Nicest Thing You’ve Ever Done for Someone Else?

Here are some answers:

1) Redhaired103 wrote, “When I was broke and had only $500, I spent it whole [all] on a puppy at a pet shop. The shop owners were kind of mean, he was the only puppy there, and I saw a couple who was very interested in the puppy but by the way they talked it was obvious they would abandon him as soon as he grew up, if not earlier. I spent all the money to get the puppy. Then I looked for a home for him because I wasn’t in a place to take care of him myself financially. I saw this ad from a young, newly married guy who was looking for a free puppy. I checked his social media profiles, major dog lover, so is his wife. One of them was working from home, safer to get a puppy. I decided to give the puppy to them instead of re-selling it. This was more than a decade ago. It wasn’t smart at all to spend that money, but a decade later I still sometimes check their Facebook; they still have the dog and all of them look really happy. The outcome was good!”

2) segmentedcat wrote this:

“When we were seniors in college, my ex-roommate was living in a studio apartment by herself. She’d given me a key so I often just let myself in to walk her dog or just hang out between classes.

“She’d just gotten her first part-time job in retail and for the first time would have to work around Christmas and couldn’t fly home to see her family, and she was really bummed about not having a Christmas.

“One night while she was at work, I drove to Wal-Mart. I bought a miniature Christmas tree and a bunch of lights and tiny ornaments, wrapping paper, fabric paint, stockings, chocolates, etc.

“Then I went to her apartment and I set up the tree with lights and a tree skirt and everything. I put her name and her dog’s name on the stockings using the glittery fabric paint and hung them by the tree with thumbtacks. I filled her stocking with chocolates and socks and a couple little toys, and put treats and toys in the dog stocking. I’d also gotten her a new hoodie, so I wrapped that and put it under the tree.

“Then I turned off every light in the apartment except for the tree lights so she’d see it right away, and left.

“She called me right after she got home that night, crying because she was so excited. We’re still friends 10 years later, and we both still have some of the ornaments and things I bought for that tree.”

3) prettyribbons wrote this:

“This is one of the hardest questions I’ve seen on here in awhile…

“I don’t know. I try to do nice things for people regularly, so I think a lot of people would be able to tell you the nicest thing they think I’ve done for them. I don’t know what the nicest would be, though.

“The one that sticks out, and it’s probably because it’s recent, was taking time to check on a co-worker. I know it’s kind of expected, but this particular co-worker is renowned for being less than friendly a lot of the time so most people stay out of her way as much as possible. We were both working late and I could hear that she was having a really hard conversation on the phone. (We work in child protection, so we deal with some heartbreaking things sometimes.) When she hung up the phone, I went around to her desk and had a long talk with her so she could debrief. The next day I left her some chocolate and a little note telling her that today would be better. She thanked me at the time but went back to being rude within the week, but I don’t regret it at all — if anything it helped me understand her a bit better. She’s super close to being burnt out, and she’s finally starting to recognize it.”

Source: elhaupto, “What do you think is the nicest thing you’ve ever done for someone else?” AskWomen. Reddit. 28 October 2016



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