“People Who have Won a ‘Win a Day/Date with a Celebrity’ Competition, How was It?”

1) Nategolder wrote this:

“In 2005 I was in my last year of medical school at The University of Arizona when Hurricane Katrina hit. In the aftermath a bunch of us got permission from the Med school dean to head down and help the real doctors. There were so many of us that we had a lottery system. (I think UofA had a grant or donation to pay for 5/6 of us and basically the whole class volunteered.) Well, I got picked and went.

“It was hard, sad, and grueling work. On the second or third day, this new guy showed to [do] more of the ‘grunt’ work in our little section (trash pick up, food delivery and hand out, etc.). I didn’t recognize him at first but after a minute the place was abuzz with the news that Brad Pitt was working with us … and sure enough it was him. He absolutely worked his *ss off, too, and after the first day the shock wore off [and] it became no big deal. On many occasions over the next few days, Brad Pitt emptied out my trashcans, got me clean linens, and even lunch (those military pre-made meals are what we ate). He could not have been more down to earth or nicer or more accommodating, and he never once asked for special treatment. He even sort of learned my name and called me Doc K—. As you can imagine, the patients just glowed upon seeing him and he was always gracious and friendly and took what time he could to hang out with all of us. To this day, I’ve never seen that he’s sought or received any praise or notoriety for what he did — contrast that to the other guy who had photo ops done of him standing in a canoe with a shotgun plastered all over the media.

“He left very unannounced, and we were told it was because he didn’t want fanfare and his departure to distract from what we were doing. Still to this day one of the most memorable experiences of my life, and I will always have a tremendous respect for him.”

2) Onmius wrote this:

“No one is going to believe this, but here we go. In 2003 I had entered a competition to go to a meet-and-greet in Tampa, Florida, at some kind of convention with a bunch of celebrities.

“I get to the event and have my ticket and everything ready; however, there seems to be an issue with something in the system and they reject my entry.

“At this point I was super bummed and just kinda sat over on a bench looking out at the convention hall looking sad, and that’s when Bill f**king Murray sits next to me eating a hotdog and casually just asks what’s wrong. Now at the time, and shame on me, I had no idea who this guy was. I was very little when most of his movies came out and then into my teenage years never saw them — yes, including Ghostbusters.

“Well, I tell him what happened, thinking he’s some normal dude and he tells me to follow him to an event he’s going to. I figure why not since my afternoon was shot.

“What [proceeded were] the strangest two hours of my life as Bill Murray takes me to these random and sparse art collections around downtown Tampa. We stopped by a few Bohemian-like groups of people just hanging out in alleys and then a couple of warehouses with scrap metal statues on display.

“After that we head over to Ybor City and he takes us to all these really out-of-the-way and hidden gems of restaurants and bars. We stopped by the Tampa Bay Brewing Company, and when he came in he just kinda knowingly and wordlessly nodded at the bartender and walked us to a back room where we tasted microbrew.

“I finally ended up heading home and only learned it was Bill from a friend who ended up freaking out at some of the pictures I took of the art we saw (with Bill in the pictures), and to this day I can confidently say I’ve met Bill Murray and yes, he is delightfully insane.”

Source: Alivinshotjuicebox, “People who have won a ‘win a day/date with a celebrity’ competition, how was it?” AskReddit. 15 November 2016


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